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Your Mouse May Cause Shoulder Pain

Ergonomic Mouse for Shoulder Pain Relief

With all the time that we spend at our computers today it is becoming more and more necessary to find solutions that keep our posture correct and minimise the risk of damage to our shoulders, backs and arms. An ergonomic computer mouse is an excellent solution when it comes to shoulder pain relief while using your computer.

What is an Ergonomic Computer Mouse?

An ergonomic computer mouse is a mouse for the computer that has been especially designed using ergonomic principles to keep the hand in a neutral position and so helping to keep the arm and hand in a position that minimises shoulder pain and elbow pain.  

An excellent all-round ergonomic mouse fro PC or Mac that I recommend is the Logitech Wireless Trackball.

The sculpted shape of the mouse supports the hand and stays in place. The integrated tracker ball helps minimise RSI because you move the cursor without moving your arm. Laser tracking is excellent and works on most surfaces.

The Logitech Wireless Mouse works on both PC and Mac and is available safely and securesly from Amazon, just click on the link below.

What to Consider When Buying an Ergonomic Mouse

There are different types of ergonomic computer mice and these are designed for different purposes.

What will you be using your mouse for? Do you simply use it to navigate across spreadsheets or move your cursor to a particular point on the page or will it be used extensively for three dimensional design?

How long will you be using it each day? Do you feel comfortable using it? These are all factors that need to be considered when choosing the type of ergonomic computer mouse you buy.

Logitech Wireless Performance ergonomic mouse

If you use your mouse more than a casual computer user you need a higher performance mouse.

For heavy use and higher performance I recommend the Logitech Wireless Performance MX mouse. This has the fastest scrolling I've seen and the tracking is so good it even works on glass. The added feature that I really like is a thumb control for fast web browsing, but this does take while to get used to.

Types of Ergonomic Mouse

There are a number of different ergonomic mouse types such as the rollerbar, vertical mouse, contour mouse, scrolling mouse, quill mouse, grip mouse, trackball designs, and pen mouse.

All of these are suitable for different situations, uses and also for your unique tastes. A computer artist for example may find it easier to work with the pen mouse. A secretary may prefer one of the other designs such as a rollerbar or vertical mouse.

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Ergonomic Computer Mouse and Shoulder Pain Relief

An ergonomic computer mouse will help shoulder pain in a number of different ways.

The first is that it allows your hand to be in a more neutral position that provides better protection for your shoulder.

If you are using a design, such as a rollerbar, that is built into your keyboard it also saves you stretching for the mouse. By limiting the amount of movement your hands and arms need to make by using an ergonomic mouse you can help to relieve shoulder pain.

Another important consideration to think about when using an ergonomic mouse is how close it is to you, if you still need to stretch in an unnatural way for the mouse even an ergonomic mouse will not help.

The repetitive use of the computer mouse can aggravate shoulder pain and so it is important to find solutions that minimise this if you are going to be spending long hours at your computer. One way to do this is by using an ergonomic computer mouse.

Use a Mouse That Works!

It might sound silly, but a lot of mice don’t actually slide properly. They get stuck on their mouse pads, which means moving the mouse pointer just a short way on the screen can be quite a strenuous over-task. If the mouse doesn’t slide properly, it becomes necessary to over-compensate and this causes repetitive strain on the arm and shoulder.

Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

As well as buying an ergonimic mouse I would suggest that you also consider doing shoulder exercises to strengthen and rehabilitate your shoulder. I have created a complete program to help you.

Further information:

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