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Deep Shoulder Pain

Deep shoulder pain, typically the pain that resides below the surface and in the front or back of the shoulder area, can be caused by several things.

For a younger person, deep shoulder pain can be caused by a sports related injury or overuse of muscle and tendons i.e. a rotator cuff injury or labral tear.

This type of injury could lead to tendonitis, inflammation of the joint, or even a bone fracture.

For elderly persons, deep shoulder pain can originate from an awkward sleeping position and/or a form of arthritis to more severe causes such as coronary heart disease.

With several muscles in the upper torso directly connected to shoulder pain, it can take an ongoing investigation to pin-point the actual cause.

Did you know that grinding your teeth while sleeping can cause shoulder pain?

Where you aware that the way in which a person rest the telephone receiver on their shoulder could be the culprit? How about the way you hold the mouse when navigating the internet?

No matter the biological status or cause, deep shoulder pain should not be ignored but given proper attention from a professional such as an orthopaedic doctor, physical therapist, or cardiologist to assure the symptoms are not related to more serious causes.

Serious causes of deep shoulder pain

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Serious causes of deep shoulder pain could originate from the onset of a heart-attack, various gastrointestinal issues, neck-pain and/or misalignment of vertebrae, and so forth.

With several levels of pain, from minor to excruciating, and because people tend to have different tolerance levels of pain, every incident should be examined by professionals who can recommend appropriate treatment.

Symptoms of deep shoulder pain

Symptoms of deep shoulder pain can vary and so can the treatment.

With a good diagnosis, treatment for deep shoulder pain can be successful.

Some types of treatment can be as simple as needing to apply ice or heat, stretching, or maybe physical therapy.

However, when the condition is prolonged and very painful, shoulder surgery may be required.

Other, more serious, treatments may be cortisone injections, high dose anti-inflammatory medications, or surgery with extensive therapy.

Don't ignore deep shoulder pain

Either way you look at it, shoulder pain can be a pain in the neck! Medications, surgeries, and physical therapy can be costly, time consuming, and nerve-racking.

The best solution to treating deep shoulder pain is to not ignore it but get it checked out by a professional.

By doing so, you may save thousands of dollars, many hours of time, and be able to continue on with your life without any major disruptions. Even if your pain leads to something serious, immediate examination could save your life.

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