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Should I see a Doctor for Shoulder Pain?

Doctor’s are generally the first place many people think of going when they have any medical problems.

With shoulder pain, however, there are a number of other alternatives that may be better for you.

Below I outline some of the treatment options for shoulder pain.

What Tests will my Doctor do for Shoulder Pain?

The first port of call for many people suffering from any injury or illness is often their Doctor.

When you visit your Doctor for shoulder pain they will do tests to determine where the source of pain and to check for other underlying conditions.

If you have not been to your Doctor recently then one of the first things they will probably want to do is take a general medical history.

After this, or if you have seen the doctor previously, they will begin a shoulder examination examining not only the shoulders but also the chest, neck and spine.

The doctor may also feel areas of the shoulder for any abnormalities and consider your range of movement as well.

Two other tests your doctor may perform are to ask you to lower your arm slowly to the side or to raise it straight in front of you and then pull it across your chest.

These tests will help your Doctor to determine where your shoulder pain is coming from and what could be the problem.

What Your Doctor Will Say?

After doing some investigations of your shoulder pain, your doctor should be able to tell you whether the pain is coming from your acromioclavicular joint, the rotator cuff or another injury.

If they pick up more serious symptoms the doctor may ask you to go for further tests such as x-rays or blood tests, but this is usually unnecessary.

What Will Your Doctor Prescribe?

Doctor’s tend to prescribe medicine to relieve pain. So if you consult a Doctor about your shoulder pain then they will most likely recommend NSAID’s (non-steriodal anti-inflammatories). These are drugs which reduce inflammation but do not contain steroids) or other painkillers. They may also refer you to a physiotherapist.

Alternatives to Visiting your Doctor for Shoulder Pain

Today more and more people are realising that NSAID’s and painkillers are often not the best option for caring for their health and prefer more natural solutions to treat injuries or illnesses.

If you prefer a more natural alternative for shoulder pain treatment then you may consider visiting an osteopath, acupuncture therapist, or chiropractor.

It is always wise to have the condition checked by your doctor but unfortunately doctor often prescribe NSAID’s and other prescription drugs.

There could be a alternatives that could be prescribed by an osteopath, acupuncturist or other therapist including treatment and exercise advice. So in addition to seeing your doctor do consider these treatment options as well.

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