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Strains involving the left shoulder are common and are treated in a variety of ways.

Does this sound familiar?

As you’re getting a moment of well deserved relaxation, you reach for your drink and your left shoulder shoots pain through your whole arm and neck.

If so, you have a left shoulder strain.

Shoulder Strain

Shoulder strain is defined as a micro-tearing of the shoulder tendons or cartilage that holds the joint that is made up of the shoulder blade and upper arm bone.

This connection point of bone and muscle is called the rotor cuff. Because of the numerous right-hand dominated people, the left shoulder is often strained simply because lack of use.

In addition to this, the shoulders are used in most of the movements of a person’s day to day life.

People working at a keyboard, (and that is most of the people in the modern world) and people active in sports that use the shoulder for throwing, swinging, or propelling oneself are most often affected by this shoulder strain.

According to the Spring 1987 International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health journal “keyboard work consists mostly of dynamic contractions of the small muscles of the forearms and hands.

This is accompanied by continuous activity in the arm, shoulder and neck muscles keeping the head and hand in the correct position.”

In addition, a person at a desk will usually reach and stretch from the same position without moving from their seat. These repetitive motions are equal to the same motion of those that use their shoulders for sports and weight lifting.

After constant use, the tendons and muscle break down, as well as the protective covering of the bone called synovium, and the nerves are exposed causing pain. The injury can be something as small as a tear to full blown osteoarthritis.

Left shoulder Strain Treatment

A good way to relieve the pain is to apply heat and ice in rotation, do gentle mobility exercises, and finally shoulder strengthening and stretching exercises.

Left Shoulder Strain Prevention

The best way to prevent shoulder strain is to warm up your shoulder before doing strenuous or repetitive activities.

Doing exercises to strengthen the shoulder will also help to prevent shoulder strains.

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