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Pain in Right Shoulder Blade

Causes of Pain in Right Shoulder Blade

Pain in the right shoulder blade, and also pain around the right shoulder blade may arise from a number of conditions.

If you suffer from pain in the right shoulder blade I recommend seeing a doctor, because it could be a symtom of a more serious disease, including cancer.

Most of the causes of right shoulder pain are directly related to the shoulder and the area around the shoulder.

Rather more often than thought however, diseases and disorders elsewhere in the body may cause shoulder pain so do get your shoulder checked.

The human shoulder is the most flexible in the body. It is complex and fragile, with many bony components supported by soft tissue like tendons and cartilage. When something goes wrong, the results are painfully obvious.

Pain in the right shoulder blade usually isn’t the result of some catastrophic illness. It may be the result of overexertion, sleeping on the shoulder in an awkward position, slumping over a
computer keyboard, or even wearing an ill-fitting bra.

The normal aging process also contributes to many cases of shoulder pain and is the result of years of wear and tear on the shoulder, neck, back, and arms.

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Overuse can cause Right Shoulder Blade Pain

Overuse of the shoulder or arm is the usual cause of pain in the right shoulder blade. This may be due to lifting heavy objects or repetitive movements over a long period of time.

Sometimes the overuse is the result of poor posture which stresses the surrounding tissue.

Right Shoulder Blade Pain Diagnosis

Diagnosis of the specific shoulder blade injury is often aided by an
MRI or a CT scan.

Right Shoulder Blade Pain Treatment

Treatment may consist of an injection of cortisone into the shoulder joint if the problem is related to tendonitis.

A more usual course of treatment includes resting the shoulder, taking nonsteroidal inflammatories (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium, and gentle stretching exercises to restore range of motion.

If the condition underlying the pain is longstanding and the resulting inflammation has caused scar tissue to develop, shoulder surgery may be required.

Other Causes of Pain in Right Shoulder Blade

Shoulder pain caused by conditions elsewhere in the body is called “referred pain.” Causes can range from gallbladder disease to a blocked Fallopian tube.

While conditions vary, some are relatively benign and easily repaired, and some are more complex like surgically removing the gallbladder. However, heart problems and cancer may also cause shoulder pain and need aggressive treatment.

Gallbladder Right Shoulder Blade Pain

Gallbladder attacks often cause pain in and around the right shoulder blade or between both shoulder blades. The pain can be quite severe. Once the gallbladder is removed, the pain disappears.

Ectopic pregnancies

Ectopic pregnancies, also sometimes known as tubal pregnancies, are relatively common. Often life-threatening if the misplaced embryo begins growing and causes the Fallopian tube to rupture, this condition requires immediate medical attention. In addition to severe abdominal pain, there will be referred pain in the shoulder and back, generally of a stabbing nature.

Right Shoulder Blade and Cancer

I don't want to alarm you but, liver and esophageal cancers will also cause pain near the right shoulder blade or between both blades. Advanced stage esophageal cancer is often fatal by the time it causes pain in the shoulder blades.

For the most part, though, pain in the right shoulder blade is generally benign if annoying. Healthcare practitioners are able to find the cause and a solution and, in many cases, can recommend a good strategy for avoiding further problems.

Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Blade Pain

Once you have ruled out more serious causes of shoulder blade pain your doctor will probably be advise you to do shoulder exercsies to strengthen and rehabilitate your shoulder. I have created a complete program to help you.

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