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Pillow for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Pillows for Shoulder Ease

The way you sleep can either help ease shoulder pain or aggravate it.

An osteopath or physiotherapist can look at your pillows and the way you sleep and make personal suggestions but in general here are a few you can try for yourself.

Pillow Height and the Way You Sleep

Did you know that the way you sleep actually affects how high your pillows should be?

If you lie on your back then one pillow is usually adequate to support your head and neck, however if you lie on your side then you may find it easier to use two pillows or a slightly higher pillow. The aim is really to keep the neck in a neutral position and neither have it tilting forwards or backwards.

Pillows to Ease Shoulder Pain and Back Problems

Today there are also many specialised pillows you can get that are aimed at ensuring correct sleeping posture through various means.

The pillows I recommend to my osteopathic patients are Tempur pillows. These pillows have been specially designed to relieve pressure and not contort your body into unnatural positions.

They began with NASA’s research to find a material to help relieve the tremendous g-force that astronauts experienced. They can also be sensitive to what you need and mold to the correct position for your body.

Dangers of using the Wrong Pillow

Apart from waking up feeling pain in your shoulders, back and neck, using an incorrect pillow for your posture can also compromise other treatment you are receiving, inflammation may be sustained, and sensation in the arms and fingers affected.

All this makes recovery very difficult, while a proper pillow can greatly improve your chances of recovering and does not act against treatment you are receiving.

If you are waking up with shoulder pain, back pain or other problems in the morning have you checked your pillow?

A pillow can either enhance your posture and make treatment more effective and healing of other shoulder problems quicker, or it can compromise treatment and aggravate the condition.

Try to get a pillow that has been specially designed to overcome these problems, such as Tempur pillows.

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