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Shoulder Pain and Ice

Struggling with Shoulder Pain? Try Ice

The application of ice works wonders for shoulder impingement syndrome and most other shoulder pain problems.

This really can make a huge difference in your rehabilitation and it also helps to numb the pain, reduce swelling and information and generally aids in the healing process.

How to Use Ice for Shoulder Pain and Problems

Ok, so how do you use ice for shoulder pain? Well the first thing is you need an ice pack, this can be an actual bought cold pack, an ice bag or even frozen peas will do.

This cold pack needs to be wrapped in a towel and then you place this on your shoulder (the front tip) intermittently for about five minutes at a time, five times a day and its especially good to use after any aggravating activity.

I know this is going to be cold, I see many shoulder pain sufferers but I can tell you that those who use ice experience a lot quicker results.

The Benefits of Using Ice for Shoulder Pain

Why would you want to use ice for shoulder pain when its so cold?

Well, as we have said ice really does help to improve the results you get in healing the pain.

Ice is excellent for reducing inflammation and swelling that often aggravates shoulder pain and it also helps to numb the pain. Practice this regularly and you will soon notice the difference in your overall situation.

Warnings about Ice Therapy for Shoulder Pain

On a last note, let’s just provide a few warning regarding trying ice on your shoulder.

Firstly, if you suffer from general poor circulation then it is best to speak to your medical practitioner as ice therapy can be counter-indicated for people suffering from this condition.

Another warning is that when we say five minutes at a time we mean it! Leaving ice on your shoulder for too long can lead to frost bite and hypothermia. Going slightly over five minutes (up to about ten or twenty) is still ok but never over-do it.

On the whole, though, ice therapy is excellent for shoulder pain sufferers because it helps to reduce swelling and inflammation, numbs the pain and assists in the healing process.

Simply apply an ice pack wrapped in a towel to the front tip of your shoulder for five minutes at a time about five times a day, don’t leave it on for too long and if you suffer from poor circulation then consult your medical practitioner first.

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