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Shoulder Pain Lifting Your Arm

Stop Lifting Your Arm to the Side

You don’t stop shoulder pain by lifting your arm to the side. Although many people may try this believing that it helps, this can actually aggravate the situation and should be avoided.

What Happens if you Lift Your Arm to the Side?

When you raise your arm to the side to help stop shoulder pain what actually happens is that your rotator cuff tendon gets pinched.

The tendon then gets trapped under the joint in the shoulder called the acromioclavicular joint and you may feel a “catching pain” which is your body’s way of telling you to stop what you’re doing.

Aim for Pain Relief in Shoulder Movement

If you suffer from shoulder pain, instead of using movements such as lifting your arm to the side that actually aggravate the shoulder pain, aim for pain-free movement.

For example, if you need to get something from a high shelf then try moving your arm to the front first. Don’t do any unnatural movements thinking that you are helping your shoulder if it actually causes more pain.

Osteopath Advice

Osteopaths are able to help you discover movements that really will assist you in overcoming shoulder pain and to guide you through those movements.

This ensures that your shoulder only does what it is supposed to and doesn’t cause any more damage.

They can also advise on what movements you should be avoiding, such as not using a side arm lift to stop shoulder pain.

Exercising and Sport – Make Sure You Do It Right

In order to prevent shoulder pain you should also carefully consider the way your shoulder moves when taking part in exercises and sport.

Make sure that you warm up and condition your shoulder muscles correctly before taking part in any strenuous exercise and when doing weight lifting exercises ensure that your movements are correct to avoid shoulder pain.

Although many people may try and stop shoulder pain by lifting their arm to the side, this is actually one of the worst things you can do and actually aggravates rather than alleviating the condition.

Instead speak to your osteopath and ensure that the movements you make are causing as little pain as possible and actually working on healing or preventing shoulder pain rather than making it worse.

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