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Shoulder Use and Abuse

Use, Don’t Abuse

What happens if you overuse your shoulder when you have shoulder pain?

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It is important to recognize shoulder pain as a problem that needs medical attention.

If you, like most people, ignore the pain, and continue to exert yourself as you may have been doing till now, you risk exacerbating the problem.

What can happen if you abuse your shoulder?

Separated Shoulder

This is most commonly caused by action sports, and people who engage in activities like Rock Climbing and Volleyball are most at risk.

The injury occurs when the ligaments connecting the collarbone and the shoulder blade are damaged or torn.

The injury can be mild, or severe, and is divided into six types, depending on the extent of injury.

Dislocated Shoulder

This is one that is most commonly heard of. This is also one of the most extreme shoulder accidents that occur.

It is caused when the ball of the Humerus pops out of it's socket (Refer to my earlier article on Shoulder Mobility).

Anterior dislocations are most common, where the ball of the humerus dislocates to the front. It is a very painful condition, and one that is, fortunately, not common.

Shoulder Bursitis

This is quite a common disorder, the symptoms of which are shoulder pain. There is a part of the shoulder called the Acromion - the tip of the shoulder.

Bursitis is caused when the tendons between the Humerus, and the acromion become inflamed due to excessive friction.

It is usually set off by an injury, and progressively becomes worse. Treatment focuses on reducing the inflammation.

Rotator Cuff Tears

As mentioned before, Rotator cuff muscles form tendons that surround the shoulder and give stability, as well as functionality to the shoulder.

Repetitive use of the shoulder can cause wear and tear to these tendons.

It is not uncommon of Rotator Cuff Tears to be preceded by Shoulder Tendonitis. Due to it's very nature, it is most often found in people above the age of 60.

Younger people experience Rotator Cuff tears due to an injury, unless the person is engaging in physically demanding sports, like an athlete.

Adhesive Capsulitis (Frozen Shoulder)

The cause of this is not known, but failure to get treatment in time can make the problem worse. It happens when the capsule surrounding the ball of the humerus forms scar tissue, inhibiting movement and "Freezing" the shoulder.

This is one condition that can build up over months, and the recovery can take up to a 32 months.

Treatment usually focuses on improving shoulder mobility through physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Given the number of things that can go wrong with each part of the shoulder, it is important that you realise how it must not be misused.

Sports like Karate, can be extremely demanding on young children, and in the absence of good trainers, will cause serious long term injuries.

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