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Sleeping Positions for Neck and Shoulder Pain

Don’t Sleep on Your Bad Shoulder

Although this may sound like common sense, sleeping on your bad shoulder will cause more pain and delay healing.

Deeper recurring problems may occur if you continue to do this.

Shoulder pain from sleeping

sleeping position to avoid shoulder pain

Laying horizontally in itself can be a pain aggravator.

We need to do everything to lessen the effect of lying down or putting weight on the bad shoulder.

Increased pressure on the affected area lessens or prolongs the healing of the shoulder and the duration of pain.

Using a really good pillow, such as a Tempur Pillow may also help. I recommend using a Tempur pillow to my patients who have trouble sleeping and they really are worth trying.



At night time shoulder pain occurs because inflammation increases due to a lack of mobility which we would otherwise have during the day. Coupled with dropping forwards when we sleep, the shoulder can be left in a sore position. Hence waking up in the middle of the night, or early morning with sharp pain and restriction.

Shoulder pain sleeping position

Sleeping on the affected shoulder causes the blood flow to decrease.

Adequate blood flow to the affected area is very important in healing.

Reduced blood flow causes starving of oxygen to the shoulder and results in more inflammation and pain.

How to sleep with shoulder pain

Some people use special pillows that have the effect of allowing perfect alignment of the body, while slightly elevating the neck, spine and shoulder which is beneficial to the healing of the shoulder.

Others have found magnetic mattresses to relieve pain and promote healing.

Never sleep with your arm above your head as you are likely to find it locked when you wake up.

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The best way to sleep with a sore shoulder

best sleeping position

Probably the best way to sleep or lie down with a painful shoulder is to find the most comfortable (less painful) position and use that.

Many of us are conditioned to sleep in one position or another, and during the night may revert to that familiar position.

It’s usually better to sleep on your back as the shoulder does not get trapped under the chest.

However, for a lot of people this isn’t particularly comfortable. Many find it better to sleep reclined, or in a chair.

The combination of using a naturally conforming pillow and sleeping on your back may be beneficial to some as such frees the shoulder free from constriction because it is slightly elevated. 

The bottom line is to find a position which is the most comfortable and which does not put undue strain on the injured shoulder. T

hat way you are more likely to get a better night’s sleep and sleep itself is a healing factor.

Just do not sleep on your bad shoulder as this will increase the inflammation, give you more pain, and extend the healing time.

Exercises to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Once you have ruled out more serious causes of your shoulder pain you will probably be advised to do shoulder exercsies to strengthen and rehabilitate your shoulder.

I have created a complete program to help you.

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