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Theraband Exercise Bands


Use of Therabands for Shoulder Rehabilitation

If you’ve ever been around someone who has undergone physical therapy then I’m sure you have seen them.

You may have even asked what they were and scoffed at the reply, “those are the bands that I use when I exercise.”

Certainly didn’t look like much of an exercise aid you’d ever seen before.

Those rolls of colored rubber are actually Therabands, a brand of resistive exercise bands used around the world for everything from rehabilitation to strength training.

They are the only resistive exercise bands endorsed by the American Physical Therapy Association.

Therabands are heavy-duty rubber strips that come in different colors representing the differences in thickness and resistance.

They are uncomplicated, versatile and inexpensive. Anyone can use a theraband for exercise from teenagers to the elderly. T

hey are used in rehab centers for everything from specific muscle exercises to cardio rehab. They allow you to tone and strengthen your muscles without putting undue stress on your joints.

Therabands compared to free weights

There are similarities in the benefits of Therabands versus free weights.

The similarities are:

• Provide some form of resistance

• Allows free range of motion

• Allows variable speed of movement

• Allows progressive resistance


The differences:

The difference between the two, however, is where Therabands overtake free weights.

The benefits of Therabands include:

• Resistance is not dependent on gravity.

To understand this concept, think of holding a 5 lb. dumbbell as you would a baseball bat.

Now swing the weight as though you were swinging to hit a ball.

When using Therabands you can do that kind of movement with resistance.

• Provides continuous tension on the muscles being trained. For example, when doing a bicep curl with a dumbbell, the tension is lessened as you lower the weight back down because you are moving with gravity.

Using a Theraband to perform the same exercise will provide the bicep with resistance both with movement up and down, or as in pushing and pulling.

• You can’t use momentum to get the Theraband moving. Many people use momentum when exercising with free weights, this decreases how much the muscle has to work

. With Therabands the resistance comes from the stretching of the band.

The only way to continue the motion of the band is to use more muscles to continue the movement of the band.

Research shows that using Therabands provides increased functional strength, increased muscle tone and decreased fat.

They are a low cost, versatile alternative to free weights for rehabilitation and exercise in general.

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