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Shoulder Pain Exercise

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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Arm Pain

Arm pain is not just about the arm itself. It also includes hand pain, wrist pain, and elbow pain.

Arm Pain Warning Signs

You should go and see a doctor about your pain when you have any of the following symptoms:

Your arm hurts for more than two days

The pain gets worse when you exercise

You lose feeling in the effected arm or hand

Your arm appears deformed of swollen

You can not move or straighten your arm

If there is also pain in your chest (this may be a warning sign of a heart attack).

Treatment for the arm depends on where the arm hurts.

1. ARM

If the arm is not badly hurt doctors simply suggest resting the hurt arm. If complete rest is not possible work gently to minimise straining of the arm.

When resting keep the arm at chest level using a pillow or anything soft to prop it up. Use ice for 5 minutes.

After trying this for a few days, if the pain has not ceased than it is time to call the doctor.


For wrist pain you should see the doctor when; the pain is also in the hand, you have hurt the wrist recently, and when you hear clicking, grinding or popping noises.

To ease the pain do not use the painful wrist in activities such as writing and typing when possible. Also ice the wrist regularly to help the swelling and pain reduce.


For elbow pain you should follow the R.I.C.E. formula or Rest Ice Compression and Elevation.

Using these four tactics it is likely your arm will heal. You may also want to keep your sore arm in a sling to reduce the movement at the elbow joint. If this simple formula does not ease the pain within a few days you should see a doctor.

When all of these fail and the doctor can not help he will probably suggest that you go for physical therapy, physiotherapy or osteopathy.

If the problem is very severe, or does not resolve with extensive rehabilitation, you may require shoulder surgery.

However, surgery can be costly and is not always guaranteed to work. Occasionally your arm can be made a lot worse from surgery.

My advice is to seek a doctor or well qualified therapist for further guidance.

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