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Back and Shoulder Pain

Causes of Back Pain

There are many causes of back and shoulder pain. The back and shoulder areas are very prone to injury because they are used so much in our every day life. We lift things that are heavy and twist and turn; both ways in which an injury can occur. Besides injuries, daily wear and tear can cause this type of pain. Even sitting at a computer and typing for long periods of time can cause back and shoulder pain, especially if your chair does not have the right lumbar support.

How to avoid back and shoulder pain

It's important to know how to avoid back and shoulder pain. When you are lifting a heavy box that is on the floor, you should not bend from the waist to pick it up. The right way to pick it up is to squat and use your legs to do the real lifting, thus protecting your back and lessening the chances of straining your back and avoiding a possible tear to the rotator cuff in your shoulder. Other ways to avoid injury is to not over stretch your arms if you are trying to reach something. Get a ladder if necessary and retrieve the object that way.

Certain exercises can help strengthen your back and shoulders and make them less susceptible to injury and you'll burn calories, too. Your back does so much and needs to be taken care of. Obesity can add strain to your back because of having to carry around excess weight. Repetitive movement also puts more of a strain on your back and shoulders.

Pain Relief

Relieving the pain can be tricky, especially with an injury. The best thing to do is to see your family physician and have them refer you to an orthopaedic specialist or manual therapist who can assess your situation and provide a solution. In the case of a rotator cuff tear or herniated discs, he or she may recommend surgery. In some not so severe cases, the orthopaedic doctor may send you for physical therapy and other things like massage therapy and hydrotherapy exercises. There are also medications on the market that can help alleviate the pain and make it possible to continue with your every day activities in a much more effective way, although in some cases this is just treating the symptoms and not the cause.

If you do have to have surgery on your shoulder or back, your recovery time can be anywhere from eight weeks to six months depending on the severity of the injury and the extent of the shoulder surgery that was done. Physical therapy will most likely be prescribed in either case and will help to speed your recovery and strengthen the area again. In any case, it's always best to talk with your doctor, even if you’re not sure of the source of your pain. He or she can help get to the bottom of it and get you on your way to recovery and relief from your pain. So don't wait; contact your doctor right away. There's no reason that you should suffer.

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