Shoulder Pain and Backpacks

Rucksacks and Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain

Rucksacks and backpacks really can do you a lot of damage, especially if backpack shoulder painyou are a young person and you are regularly carrying a heavy load.

Advice to avoid Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain

Take my advice, if you are carrying a backpack, use both straps and preferably a tummy strap as well for extra support. This reduces the load unevenly on the shoulder and spine.

Make sure you keep the backpack as light as possible. These school children who I see going to and from school with massively overweight and oversized bags makes me shudder. I just can’t imagine what damage they are doing to their spinal discs and shoulders.

Please try to get your kids to carry less books to reduce the risk of Shoulder, Neck and Back Pain. And ladies, you would benefit reducing the weight in your shoulder bags too.

Shoulder Pain and Backpacks