Shoulder Supports to Relieve Shoulder Pain

Using Shoulder Supports

Shoulder supports are great when you are playing sport. For example, they are very useful for impact sports such as rugby and American football.

Shoulder supports help to limit movement at the joint, and hence stabilise it. This helps to protect the joint from adverse movements. Shoulder supports also help to protect the joint from impact.

And here is a really great tip – use your shoulder support when you are out in busy crowds, like at your local shopping centre. You will be amazed at how many times someone will bump into your shoulder when you have pain.

Wearing a visible shoulder support or sling highlights to people you have a problem and they stay clear. Did you know this is one of the biggest reasons why shoulder surgeons recommend to use a sling – so people know not to bump into you! No really!

Kind Regards,
Tim Allardyce DO MCSP SRP

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