Heavy Bags and Shoulder Pain

Carrying Heavy Bags Can Cause Shoulder Pain

Carrying big bags, especially for women, is very fashionable at the moment. Sienna Miller is a great example, and many others. Women carry oversized bags and put them on one shoulder, and this causes shoulder and neck pain.

Shoulder Pain Tip

My tip today is simple. Always spread the load evenly if you are carrying a bag. For example, if try not to load one shoulder all the time.

Swop shoulders regularly, or use a bag which can fit on both shoulders like a rucksack. Another tip is never to over-load the bag with unnecessary items.

The extra weight may not seem a lot if you are walking to the car, but try walking around shops for a few hours and that weight builds up and puts a great deal of strain through the shoulder and neck muscles.

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Shoulder Pain and Heavy Bags