Should I have a Shoulder X-Ray?

Getting a shoulder X-ray may to help diagnose the cause of your Shoulder Pain.

X-rays have pro’s and cons. They are really good for showing up broken bones or fractures in the shoulder. They are not so good for showing up tendon, ligament, muscle or any other soft tissue injury. X-rays also put radiation in the body, so one should not have unnecessary x-rays.

But X-rays are also good for determining how much arthritis you have in your shoulder. Arthritis is a very common cause of shoulder impingement syndrome, which is a very common shoulder injury. Arthritis can show up as a loss of joint space, or as small osteophytes (bits of protruding bone) caused by the body laying down calcium in areas of arthritis.

If you can afford to, have an MRI scan which will show you up all this and more, but if you can’t an x-ray is pretty good at helping to diagnose your shoulder injury.

shoulder X-ray

MRI scan