What is Bursitis?

Not many people have heard of Bursitis until they are diagnosed with it. A bursa is a soft sac that contains a lubricating liquid that minimize friction between body tissues that must constantly move by each other.

Bursae are usually found near joints, either between the skin and the underlying bonus or between tendons and bones. If a bursa is irritated by pressure over it or by injury to the nearby joint, the sac may become inflamed and distended with fluid. This is called bursitis. It is a fairly common condition that causes pain and swelling in the area around the bursa.

Shoulder Bursitis is a condition that I see regularly in my clinics. Olecranon bursitis is another common type of bursitis that occurs around the elbow. Other joints that are particularly susceptible to bursitis include the kneecap, the hips, the heal, and the base of the big toe.