When accident happens like car crashes, sports injuries or when one is suddenly thrown, Whiplash happens.

Symptoms of Whiplash include headaches and stiffness specifically in the neck and at the back of the head. These signs usually appear after the accident happen or within two to three days to two weeks.

Diagnosis will be based upon the reported injury or accident as well as patient’s symptoms. Diagnostic procedures like MRI scan or X-ray cannot confirm Whiplash but can determine if there was shoulder dislocation or shoulder fracture.

Some people may develop whiplash syndrome in which a person may suffer persistent pain, tingling sensation in the arms, neck pain, and even sleep disturbances.

There may be some difficulty in treating whiplash syndrome. The goal of the treatment is merely prevention of further strain and to be able to return to normal activities.

Always seek medical treatment if you have suffered Whiplash.