How to Cure Neck and Shoulder Pain

The number of people suffering neck and shoulder pain has increased in recent years. The growth of neck and shoulder pain problems is probably due to the constant activity of modern life, repetitive actions and poor posture, particularly while working at a computer.

Accidents and sports injuries are another cause of neck and shoulder pain. Bone or joint abnormalities, degenerative diseases, and even tumors can cause neck and shoulder pain so make sure that you seek proper treatment for your neck and shoulder pain

Having seen a doctor to rule out more serious causes of neck and shoulder pain, there are several things that you can do at home to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Changing your sleeping position and type of pillow can relieve neck and shoulder pain. The aim is really to keep the neck in a neutral position and if you lie on your back, one pillow is usually enough to support your head and neck, but if you lie on your side two pillows may be better.

There are a number of home exercises to relieve neck and shoulder pain. When the shoulder mobility becomes restricted, it is quite common for pain to be felt in the upper trapezius (between the neck and shoulder). It usually causes a deep ache, and it is important to stretch this muscle. For full details see the links below.

Ice is one of my favorite home treatments for neck and shoulder pain. Apply the ice to the area affected by neck and shoulder pain, but always wrap the ice in a cloth first or use an ice-pack. A bag of frozen peas works really well, but do remember to wrap the peas in a cloth.

Rest is another important factor in curing and shoulder pain. Avoid using the injured area as much as possible for a few days to give your body chance to recover. If the combination of rest and ice treatment don’t cure your and shoulder pain after a few days do make sure to see a doctor or physical therapist because further treatment and an MRI scan or shoulder X-Ray may be needed.

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