How to Use Therabands

Using Therabands

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If you’ve ever been around someone who has undergone physical therapy then I’m sure you have seen Therabands. You may have even asked what they were and been surprised at the reply, “Those are the bands that I use when I exercise.”

Therabands don’t look like other exercise aids you’d have seen before, but there are significant advantages of using Therabands instead of free weights if you are suffering from shoulder pain.

Therabands are rolls of colored rubber resistive exercise bands that are used around the world for everything from rehabilitation to strength training.

Therabands are simple and inexpensive. They allow you to tone and strengthen your muscles without putting undue stress on your joints.

Benefits of Therabands include:

•    Resistance is not dependent on gravity.

•    Provides continuous tension on the muscles being trained.

•    You can’t use momentum to get the Theraband moving.  The only way to continue the motion of the band is to use more muscles to continue the movement of the band.

Research shows that using Therabands provides increased strength, increased muscle tone and decreased fat. Therabands are excellent for shoulder rehabilitation and shoulder strengthening.

Where to buy Therabands

Therabands are available online from Amazon

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