How to Get Ready for Skiing

skiingSkiing is a passionate sport, but it can come at a high price.  Whether on the Bunny slopes or the Black Runs, skiing has sent many home with sprained ankles, shoulder injuries and broken bones.

While some ski injuries are caused by accidents and falls other injuries are caused by strains and tears, many of which could be prevented with better pre-ski preparation and exercise.

Most of us only get chance to ski in the winter and we often take off for the slopes with little or no thought to preparation. As the ski season fast approaches, don’t leave it until too late to do some pre-skiing exercises to make sure you are fit for the slopes.

The most frequently broken bone in the body is the clavicle or collarbone.  Not surprisingly collarbone injuries are a common ski injury. Collarbone fractures can occur in three places, and each area can be quick to heal if properly taken care of.  Keep pressure off the shoulder, rest, and use ice your shoulder to relieve pain.

Click below for more information about Skiing and shoulder injuries:

Shoulder Injury and Skiing

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