How to Use a Computer Mouse Without Getting Shoulder Pain

Using an Ergonomic Mouse for Shoulder Pain Relief

Using an ergonomic computer mouse is one of my top recommendations for avoiding shoulder pain while using your computer. Posture, keyboard position and screen height are other important factors.

With all the time that we spend at our computers today it is becoming more and more necessary to find solutions that keep our posture correct and minimize the risk of damage to our shoulders, backs and arms.

What is an Ergonomic Computer Mouse?

An ergonomic computer mouse is a mouse for the computer that has been especially designed using ergonomic principles to keep the hand in a neutral position and so helping to keep the arm and hand in a position that minimizes shoulder pain and elbow pain.

I’ve written a longer article about the safe use of computer mice, with useful advice and details about the different types of ergonomic computer mice available.

If you use a computer regularly click the links below for further important information.

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