How to Stop Headaches and Migraine

What can you do to Stop Headaches and Migraine?

There can be any number of causes of Headaches and Migraine, and you should always consult your doctor, but one of the strangest causes is shoulder pain.
I am seeing an increasing number of people coming in with symptoms spreading from the shoulder to the neck to the head. Often this can cause migraine or headaches.

As soon as the neck goes into spasm, or becomes stiff, it puts pressure on the nerves and blood vessels around the back of the base of the skull. This can in turn lead to headaches and migraines.

The problem is that when the shoulder becomes disrupted, the muscles around the neck get tight, and this influences the neck. Most of the muscles of the neck either attach to the shoulder blade, or attach around the shoulder. Hence shoulder pain and migraines can be quite closely linked.

I recommend simple shoulder exercises and shoulder massage to reduce shoulder and neck tension and help prevent migraine or headaches.

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