Alternatives to Rotator Cuff Surgery

What are the alternatives to Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Rotator cuff repairs can be achieved by surgery, but in some cases surgery may not be necessary to repair the rotator cuff.

Non-surgical treatment is usually appropriate for people who suffer from shoulder pain without a decrease in shoulder strength caused by the rotator cuff injury.

There are three main non-surgical options for treating rotator cuff injuries. These are:

1. Avoiding pain inducing activities
2. Pain relief injections
3. Perform shoulder exercises

Avoiding pain-inducing activities can itself lead to increasing stiffness and frozen shoulder.

Injections can result in reduced pain and stiffness, but the improvement is temporary. In addition there is the risk of side effects such as infection.

Shoulder pain exercises are usually the best non-surgical option, but the level of success will depend upon the amount of arthritis present under the acromioclavicular joint of the shoulder.

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