Drink water to reduce shoulder and neck pain

We all know that drinking water has many general health benefits. But this may sound strange advice,  drinking more water can actually help to reduce shoulder and neck pain.

Lactic acid builds up in stressed muscles even if you don’t feel the strain. Water will help flush the build-up of lactic acid out of your system helping to prevent shoulder and neck pain.

So drink plenty of water and stay fully hydrated to help combat neck and shoulder pain. This also applies to back pain and dehydrated disks can be more prone to injury.

One thought on “Drink water to reduce shoulder and neck pain

  1. Maria Donor

    Had a car accident. Got 2 herniated disks. C2-3 c4-5 in neck. Trying to avoid surgery. Getting of from my chiropractor and also trying trigger point injections. Have stiffness and pain. I ice it and drinking plenty of water. Is there anything else I can do ?. Have not been able to get massages cause my dr is trying to get hire one. Is it important to get massages?

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