Should you avoid doing exercises if you suffer from shoulder pain?

Is it safe to exercise with shoulder pain?shoulder pain swiss ball exercise

Are people right when they say you avoid doing exercises if you suffer from shoulder pain?

Pain is the body’s warning system, its way of letting you know something is wrong. Many people assume that because their shoulder is painful they should automatically avoid exercises that involve using the shoulder. Actually, for many shoulder conditions avoiding using shoulder can actually make your shoulder condition worse. However, as with any medical condition, do seek proper medical advice before undertaking exercises.

Shoulder pain warning signs

There are several shoulder pain warning signs you should be aware of, see this link for details

Shoulder Pain Warning Signs

If you suffer from shoulder pain that is severe or lasts for more than a few days you should seek medical advice, but usually doing shoulder stretches and carefully selected exercises under the supervision of a doctor or physiotherapists will actually help your shoulder rehabilitation.

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Exercises For Shoulder Pain