Gym exercises to avoid if you suffer shoulder pain

Don’t aggravate your shoulder painshoulder pain stretch exercise

In general there are some gym exercises that I would recommend avoiding while you’re suffering from shoulder pain or neck pain because it’s very important not to aggravate the shoulder or neck injury or put the shoulder through unnatural motions.

You should try to avoid any exercise the places unnecessary pressure on your shoulders or the compromise the shoulder position for example the military press, wide grip lateral pull downs and the bench-press.

I would suggest that you avoid doing exercises like the military press which involves lifting dumbbells over your head especially if you have a rotator cuff injury. The bench press is another exercise that you should consider avoiding if you’re suffering from shoulder pain. The shoulders take very large loads during bench-press exercises that puts a great deal of pressure on your joints.

Lateral pull downs also compromises the position of the shoulder and should be avoided until your shoulder is fully recovered. The side fly weightlifting exercise is also best avoided while you’re suffering from shoulder pain.

Preventing shoulder pain when doing gym exercises

Gym exercises especially if not done correctly are a frequent cause of shoulder pain. It’s really important to ensure that you using the correct technique for the exercise and equipment.

Shoulder Pain Warning Signs

If you suffer from shoulder pain that is severe or lasts for more than a few days you should seek medical advice, but usually doing shoulder stretches and carefully selected exercises under the supervision of a doctor or physiotherapists will actually help your shoulder rehabilitation.

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Exercises For Shoulder Pain