Do you suffer from shouder blade pain?

shoulder blade pain

shoulder blade pain

Wearing a bra has been implicated as possible causes of a range of problems from shoulder blade pain to indigestion, and back pain.

I’m not sure about indegestion, but as a physiotherapist I can tell you that a properly fitting bra can help prevent shoulder, neck and back pain.

Is your bra causing shoulder blade pain?

Someone once said that a bra is a bit like a suspension bridge…they both need to be well engineeered to give safe support. No two women are the same so there really is nothing better than having a proper bra fitting. You may be surprised that you aren’t even the size you thought you were, many women find that they have been wearing the wrong sized bra for years.bra shoulder blade pain

Over-tightening you bra may cause shoulder blade pain

If you suffer from shoulder blade pain your over-tightened bra may be the cause.

Most women don’t bother to have a proper fitting to get a bra that is right for them. So my advice is loosen your bra straps if you experience shoulder blade pain and do have a proper bra fitting.

For more information about shoulder blade pain, including how shoulder blade pain can be a warning sign of serious disease, see below:

Shoulder Blade Pain

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