How to Avoid Pain When Reaching Behind Your Back

Many shoulder conditions, especially shoulder impingement and frozen shoulder can cause pain when you reach behind your back.

oulder blade pain

Every day activities that involve reaching behind the back can cause pain. If you are suffering from a shoulder problem, reaching behind you back to wash, or scratch an itch may cause pain and could make your injury worse.

If you are experiencing pain when reaching behind your back you should avoid activities that cause the pain.

One of the most common problems you may face is washing properly. If you are experiencing pain when reaching behind your back there things you can do to prevent pain and further injury.

A really simple solution is to use a back washer.

back-sponge original



This simple back brush will help you reach behind your back and any other areas that your shoulder injury make difficult to reach.





Another really frustrating thing about shoulder pain is that it can stop you being able to scratch your back. While you are suffering from shoulder pain it is a really good idea to get a back scratcher.




To avoid pain when reaching behind your back I recommend this really useful set from Amazon

Bath and Back Set

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