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Tendonitis in Shoulders

What Causes Shoulder Tendonitis?

Shoulder tendonitis

The shoulder injury known as shoulder tendonitis occurs when there is an inflammation, irritation and swelling around the rotator cuff tendons of the shoulder joint.

If you suspect that you have shoulder tendonitis you need to see a doctor to have your shoulder x-rayed.

Shoulder tendonitis is a condition that affects both men and women of all ages but is known to be more common to people over the age of 40. Shoulder tendonitis can be very painful even just from a simple movement of the shoulder.

Shoulder Tendonitis Symptoms

Some of the symptoms of tendonitis  include pain with doing activities like raising your arm, or experiencing pain while sleeping on the injured side, weakness of the muscles and cracking sounds when you try to move the arm.

 Shoulder Tendonitis Main Causes

There are many reasons why shoulder injuries are likely to occur, and the most common one is overuse or repetitive strain on the tendon. Tendonitis may also involve the elbow, hand and bicep.

Tendonitis is often felt by individuals who are either sports professionals like golfers, swimmers and baseball players or individuals like factory workers whose work involves repetitive movements of the arms.

Shoulder injuries may also be caused by putting the shoulder under too much strain. This type of shoulder injury is common with body builders and athletes especially at the beginning of the training. It’s very important to use correct training techniques while exercising because carelessness may cause a life time injury to the shoulder.

Shoulder Tendonitis and Age

The age factor plays a big role in causes of shoulder injuries and tendonitis, as you get older the shoulder loses its flexibility and elasticity while the tendons get harder.

Other Causes of Shoulder Tendonitis

Anatomy is also another rare cause of shoulder injuries. Some people are born with a hooked acromion that often causes them to get tendonitis. Sometimes the tendon does not have a smooth surface for its movement making it inflamed and easily irritated, this may be treated by surgery.

Thermal injury may also be a cause of tendonitis, it is often experienced by individuals who are mountain climbers, rock climbers and hikers.

Patients with underlying conditions that weaken shoulder muscles like rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and gout are more prone to shoulder injuries. A direct blow to the shoulder or falling on their arms may cause tendonitis.

Shoulder Tendonitis Diagnosis

Shoulder tendonitis is diagnosed by a physical examination and an x-ray. An x-ray is very useful in diagnosing shoulder injuries because it will show if a bone spur is compressing the tendon. An MRI may also be conducted to check if a rotator cuff is torn.

Shoulder Tendonitis Treatment

Most shoulder injuries do not require surgery. They can be treated with medication and physical therapy and controlled with rest and refraining from activities that caused the injury in the first place. Mostly tendonitis goes away over time but if the problem persists then other options may include surgery. Usually minimal invasive shoulder surgery is conducted by an orthopaedic surgeon and the recovery time is usual fast.


Shoulder Support

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You may be advised to wear a shoulder support such as the [easyazon-link asin=”B001JEE6Z6″]Thermoskin Shoulder Support[/easyazon-link], especially if you have an active job or if you play sports.

You may also benifit from heat and ice treatment and I recommend the [easyazon-link asin=”B0033MOKEO”]Heat and Ice Therapy Shoulder Wrap[/easyazon-link].

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Shoulder Tendonitis Prevention

A strong shoulder is the best defence against tendonitis, light weight shoulder exercises can be performed daily to help build extra strength. Other simple measures may include relaxation techniques like yoga. Most importantly, avoid overuse of your arms, especially with activities where lifting your hands above your shoulders is required.

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Always check with your doctor first, but generally exercising your shoulder  regularly will give you good relief from shoulder pain. Never repeat an exercise if you feel that it aggravates your pain. Stop the exercise immediately if it hurts.

Kind Regards,
Tim Allardyce DO MCSP SRP

Exercises For Shoulder Pain



11 Common Causes of Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is suffered by many individuals and is associated with several common causes. It is crucial to identify the causes of your shoulder pain and get suitable treatment as early as possible. neck shoulder painKnowing what is causing your shoulder pain is vital to getting the right shoulder treatment quickly.

Common causes of shoulder pain

1.Bursitis or rotator cuff Tendonitis

Bursitis or rotator cuff Tendonitis is associated with tendonitis of the rotator cuff and is the main cause for shoulder pain.

2.Rotator Cuff Tear

Sometimes the tendons of the rotator cuff get parted out from the bone and results in tear out of rotator cuff. Shoulder surgery is often required for this condition and your Rotator Cuff Tear injury may worsen if left untreated.

3. Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder is also termed as ‘adhesive capsiliitis’ and is generally accompanied with firmness of the joints. Individuals suffering with this problem are typically advised to have physiotherapy and shoulder stretching exercises.

4. Calcific Tendonitis

Calcific Tendonitis occurs when calcium gets deposited inside the tendons and particularly rotator cuff tendons which are more prone to calcification. The  treatment given is based on the advancement of symptoms.

5. Shoulder Instability

Shoulder Instability is mainly associated with loose joint and may happen due to dislocation of the joint caused by severe injury or as a result of developed condition.

6. Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation happens when the top of the arm bone gets separated from scapula because of an injury.

7. Shoulder Separation

Shoulder Separation is unique type of shoulder dislocation and mainly caused due to the accidental breakeage of acromioclavicular joint and is also referred as AC separation.

8. Labral Tear

Labral Tears occurs in different forms and is cured by giving treatment at different levels depending on the extent of injury.

9. SLAP Lesion

SLAP Lesions are also associated with labral tear and it mainly happens when something falls onto an outstretched hand.

10. Arthritis

Unlike knee and hip arthritis, Shoulder arthritis is very rarely reported. Shoulder surgery may necessary for joint replacement if the Shoulder arthritis is severe.

11. Biceps Tendon Rupture

Biceps Tendon Rupture happens when the biceps tendons located behind the joint gets ruptured.

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Exercises For Shoulder Pain

Gym exercises to avoid if you suffer shoulder pain

Don’t aggravate your shoulder painshoulder pain stretch exercise

In general there are some gym exercises that I would recommend avoiding while you’re suffering from shoulder pain or neck pain because it’s very important not to aggravate the shoulder or neck injury or put the shoulder through unnatural motions.

You should try to avoid any exercise the places unnecessary pressure on your shoulders or the compromise the shoulder position for example the military press, wide grip lateral pull downs and the bench-press.

I would suggest that you avoid doing exercises like the military press which involves lifting dumbbells over your head especially if you have a rotator cuff injury. The bench press is another exercise that you should consider avoiding if you’re suffering from shoulder pain. The shoulders take very large loads during bench-press exercises that puts a great deal of pressure on your joints.

Lateral pull downs also compromises the position of the shoulder and should be avoided until your shoulder is fully recovered. The side fly weightlifting exercise is also best avoided while you’re suffering from shoulder pain.

Preventing shoulder pain when doing gym exercises

Gym exercises especially if not done correctly are a frequent cause of shoulder pain. It’s really important to ensure that you using the correct technique for the exercise and equipment.

Shoulder Pain Warning Signs

If you suffer from shoulder pain that is severe or lasts for more than a few days you should seek medical advice, but usually doing shoulder stretches and carefully selected exercises under the supervision of a doctor or physiotherapists will actually help your shoulder rehabilitation.

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Kind Regards
Tim Allardyce DO MCSP SRP
Exercises For Shoulder Pain



Should you avoid doing exercises if you suffer from shoulder pain?

Is it safe to exercise with shoulder pain?shoulder pain swiss ball exercise

Are people right when they say you avoid doing exercises if you suffer from shoulder pain?

Pain is the body’s warning system, its way of letting you know something is wrong. Many people assume that because their shoulder is painful they should automatically avoid exercises that involve using the shoulder. Actually, for many shoulder conditions avoiding using shoulder can actually make your shoulder condition worse. However, as with any medical condition, do seek proper medical advice before undertaking exercises.

Shoulder pain warning signs

There are several shoulder pain warning signs you should be aware of, see this link for details

Shoulder Pain Warning Signs

If you suffer from shoulder pain that is severe or lasts for more than a few days you should seek medical advice, but usually doing shoulder stretches and carefully selected exercises under the supervision of a doctor or physiotherapists will actually help your shoulder rehabilitation.

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Kind Regards
Tim Allardyce DO MCSP SRP
Exercises For Shoulder Pain


Do you suffer from shouder blade pain?

shoulder blade pain

shoulder blade pain

Wearing a bra has been implicated as possible causes of a range of problems from shoulder blade pain to indigestion, and back pain.

I’m not sure about indegestion, but as a physiotherapist I can tell you that a properly fitting bra can help prevent shoulder, neck and back pain.

Is your bra causing shoulder blade pain?

Someone once said that a bra is a bit like a suspension bridge…they both need to be well engineeered to give safe support. No two women are the same so there really is nothing better than having a proper bra fitting. You may be surprised that you aren’t even the size you thought you were, many women find that they have been wearing the wrong sized bra for years.bra shoulder blade pain

Over-tightening you bra may cause shoulder blade pain

If you suffer from shoulder blade pain your over-tightened bra may be the cause.

Most women don’t bother to have a proper fitting to get a bra that is right for them. So my advice is loosen your bra straps if you experience shoulder blade pain and do have a proper bra fitting.

For more information about shoulder blade pain, including how shoulder blade pain can be a warning sign of serious disease, see below:

Shoulder Blade Pain

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Tim Allardyce DO MCSP SRP
Exercises For Shoulder Pain


What is the Best Exercise to Relieve Shoulder Pain?

Best Shoulder Exercise

shoulder exercise

Pendulum Exercise

Both online,and at my clinics I am frequently asked what is the best exercise to start relieving shoulder pain? The exercises that I recommend will depend on the individual patient, but in general the first exercise that I recommend is a passive exercise that puts very little pressure on the shoulder, but gets the shoulder moving and starts rehab.

The Pendulum Shoulder Exercise

The Pendulum Exercise is designed to improve the range of mobility in your stiff shoulder. For full details and a video showing you how to perform the exercise, please click the link below:

Shoulder Pain Relief Exercise

What are the Symptoms of Rotator Cuff Tear?

Rotator Cuff Tear Symptoms

Unless cased by a sudden accident, Rotator cuff tear symptoms usually appear slowly.

Rotator cuff pain may be really mild at the start and gradually increase with repeated overhead activity. The pain is usually felt at the front of your shoulder and spreads down the arm. The pain gradually increases and is felt at very little activity or even at rest.

You may also feel pain while lying down on the affected side. Stiffness and consequent loss of motion result.

Sudden Rotator Cuff Tears

If on the other hand the rotator cuff snaps suddenly because of a fall or fracture, the patient usually feels the snapping of the muscle and suffers an instant weakening of the arm and acute pain.

For further information see the following articles:

Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator Cuff Treatment

Rotator Cuff Surgery

What Causes Rotator Cuff Tear?

Causes of Rotator Cuff Tear

A torn rotator cuff is often caused by a sudden and acute fall.

People most likely to suffer a torn rotator cuff are those whose jobs involve repetitive overhead movement, such as construction, stocking shelves or even painting.

Swimmers, tennis players, pitchers and other athletes, where their sport  continuously stretches the upper body, are also very susceptible to injuries rotator cuff tears.

People suffering from prolonged or repetitive trauma are also likely to suffer rotator cuff injuries. It is also common among people who have shoulder dislocation or shoulder fractures.

For further information see the following articles:

Rotator Cuff Tear

Rotator Cuff Treatment

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Drink water to reduce shoulder and neck pain

We all know that drinking water has many general health benefits. But this may sound strange advice,  drinking more water can actually help to reduce shoulder and neck pain.

Lactic acid builds up in stressed muscles even if you don’t feel the strain. Water will help flush the build-up of lactic acid out of your system helping to prevent shoulder and neck pain.

So drink plenty of water and stay fully hydrated to help combat neck and shoulder pain. This also applies to back pain and dehydrated disks can be more prone to injury.

Shoulder Exercise Warning!

Avoiding Shoulder Pain

We don’t think about our shoulders until one day we do something like reaching up to pull something down from the shelf or we reach to catch a basketball and pain stops us in our tracks.

If you have ever had the misfortune of having a shoulder injury then you understand the importance of the shoulder to everyday activity.

Shoulder Pain Warning!

Many of the patients that I treat for shoulder injuries have not performed warm-up exercises before exerting their shoulders. Using your shoulders  in activities like sport without properly warming them up is a great way to tear muscle fibers, tendons or ligaments.

Taking just a few minutes to prepare the shoulder joint for activity by following the shoulder warm  execises that will improve your chances of avoiding shoulder injury. For further information please click the link below:

Shoulder Warm-Up Exercises