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Frozen Shoulder Exercises

Frozen shoulder exercises you can do at home

Frozen Shoulder, or to give it the proper medical title Adhesive Capsulitis is also sometimes known as Frozen Shoulder Syndrome.

With a Frozen Shoulder the shoulder joint becomes literally becomes stiff, hence the term “frozen shoulder”.

Lack of range of motion in the shoulder is the best indication that you are suffering from frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder can take as much as 18 months to fully recover from, and in serious cases, shoulder surgery may be required.

A correct diagnosis, physical therapy, and pain medication will help to relieve you of frozen shoulder. If you suspect that you may have a frozen shoulder see a doctor to get frozen shoulder diagnosed and to start treatment.

Once frozen shoulder has been diagnosed shoulder exercises that you can do at home are likely to be an important part of your treatment plan.

Frozen shoulder treatment exercises

The pendulum exercise

It is important to warm-up your shoulders before doing exercise.

Without warming up, your painful shoulder may become more aggravated.

This first exercises is about bending and swinging your arms like a pendulum. It is important that you move your hands freely without any stiffness.

It looks similar to an elephant moving its trunk and I call it the pendulum exercise. This is a great warm-up exercise.

  • Keep the shoulder completely relaxed
  • Let momentum and gravity move it in circles
  • Go anti-clockwise and clockwise
  • Keep the circles within your comfort zone
  • Perform for 2 minutes, 3 times a day

External rotation or passive stretch exercise

  • Bend the affected arm 90 degrees and reach to a doorjamb as if to shake hands with someone. 
  • Keep your hand placed on the door, and rotate your body, so that your arm is extended to the side of your body. 
  • Rotate only as far as you can, without intense pain. 
  • Relax your muscles, then repeat 5 times.

Forward flexion or supine position exercise

Lie on your back with your legs straight out on the floor.

Use your unaffected arm to lift your affected arm overhead, until you feel a gentle stretch, and hold 15 seconds.

Slowly lower your arm, relax your muscles, and repeat 3 time.

Crossover arm stretch

Gently pull affected arm across your chest, just below your chin, and pull as far as possible, without causing a great deal of pain.

Hold this position 30 seconds, relax, and repeat 5 times.


Reaching to get something out of a cabinet can be a good exercise for your shoulder, if you have warmed it, and if you do not overextend the first time.

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