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Pain Under Shoulder Blade

shoulder blade pain

Don’t Suffer Pain Under the Shoulder Blade

Pain under the shoulder blade can be a symptom of serious underlying medical conditions including heart attack and cancer. If you suspect any of these conditions seek immediate medical attention.

The human shoulder is a very complex structure, with many muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Any part of these parts of the shoulder joint may at some time cause pain under the shoulder blade.

Shoulder blade pain, whether it is on the left or right side, between or under the shoulder blade, can be caused by damage to these components, or may also be caused by referred pain from another part of the body.

Causes of Pain Under the Shoulder Blade

The shoulder is a very complex structure, and is very vulnerable to injury. Pain under the scapula can be from damage or stress to the actual shoulder components, or may be referred pain, from another part of the body. It is important to note whether overuse, incorrect use, or injury may have caused the pain, or whether the pain is unexplained, and is associated with other physical symptoms.

Because there are many muscles, ligaments, and tendons to over-stretch, overuse, tear, sprain, and strain, it is helpful to know the activity which may have caused the injury. If there are other non-related symptoms, and the pain persists, it is recommended that you seek a professional medical evaluation and diagnosis for treatment.

Shoulder Injury Painshoulder blade pain

Pain under the shoulder blade can be caused by overusing muscles, tendons and ligaments, or the scapula may be fractured in an accident. Lifting incorrectly, strenuous exercise, repetitive strain, poor posture for prolonged periods of time, age, and degenerative diseases of the shoulder components may also be a cause of pain. Osteoporosis, making the bones porous and brittle may contribute, as well as arthritis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. Inflammation of tendons, or the bursa may cause tendinitis or bursitis, and rotator cuff injuries may include tears, impingement, frozen shoulder, or bursitis.

If the shoulder blade pain is caused by a disorder in another part of the body, the pain is called “referred pain”. Causes of referred pain can include gall bladder disease or gallstones, liver damage, peptic ulcers, pancreatitis, esophagitis, pleurisy, blood clots, ectopic pregnancy, pneumonia, and some cancers. The referred pain in the left shoulder blade could also be caused by cardiovascular disorders such as a torn aorta, pulmonary embolus, and heart attack.

If the pain is referred, other symptoms will accompany the shoulder blade pain, and will occur simultaneously. If the pain cannot be explained by overuse, accident, or misuse, it is recommended that you seek a physician’s opinion, because the pain may be caused by another factor which needs to be treated immediately.

Restricted Movement

Pain Under Shoulder Blade can make it very difficult doing everyday activities. Things like washing or scratching your back can be really painful. Use a simple back washer and back scratcher to reach your back without pain. This bath accessories set will make bathing and showering alot easier.

Pain Under Shoulder Blade Treatments

Unless it is referred pain from another cause of bodily dysfunction, the pain under your shoulder blade should go away in a few days. Resting adequately, using heat or cold compresses, and anti-inflammatory medication and pain medication such as ibuprofen, will help to heal the muscle, ligament or tendon which is causing pain. Exercise designed to aid in healing the injury is strongly recommended also.

If a rotator cuff injury or tear is suspected, it is recommended to seek medical attention to receive an accurate diagnosis, for more effective treatment and remediation, possibly involving surgery and physical therapy. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and Computed tomography (CT) scans can be performed to locate any structural damage to the shoulder. Pain under the shoulder blade is complex to diagnose at times, and if you are not sure of a cause, it is best to seek medical attention, to prevent further damage, and to insure proper healing.

Pain Under Shoulder Blade Rehabilitation

To help you recover from  pain under the shoulder blade I have created a complete shoulder relief program. Generally exercising your shoulder will help you relieve shoulder pain and help rehabilitate your shoulder, but always check with your doctor before doing any exercise. Never repeat an exercise if you feel that it aggravates your pain and stop the exercise immediately if it hurts.

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shoulder pain

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder dislocation results from a traumatic event like an accident or a bad fall.

Dislocated shoulder occurs when the ball of the humerus bone dislocates from the shoulder socket. The shoulder joint is made up of end of upper arm bone (humerus) and shoulder blade (scapula).

Anterior and Posterior Dislocation

There are two types of shoulder dislocation Anterior dislocation and Posterior dislocation.

Anterior dislocation occurs when the ball dislocates behind the socket. Posterior dislocation is where the ball dislocates in front of the socket. Dislocation of shoulder joint is a painful injury and restricts the movements of the affected arm.

Shoulder Dislocation X-Ray

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder Dislocation

This x-ray shows a typical dislocated shoulder…you can see from the x-ray why a dislocated shouder is so painful!

Shoulder Dislocation Treatment

Treatment for shoulder dislocation involves the Humeral head being repositioned into the glenoid and painkillers are prescribed to give relief from severe pain. This is typically followed by two or three weeks of immobilisation in a shoulder sling

Dislocated Shoulder Exercises

Dislocated shoulder exercises focus on restoring normal range of movement and strengthening the shoulder joint to prevent future injury.

Dislocated shoulder exercises are specially targeted at the rotator cuff muscles. Rotational exercises strengthen the rotator cuff and provide a solid foundation for all shoulder movements. Exercises are usually started after two to three weeks of immobilisation in a sling. Gentle range of movement exercises are done under the supervision of physiotherapist.

The following exercises are generally recommended for a dislocated shoulder but always check with your doctor of physiotherapist to ensure that they are right for your specific shoulder condition.

Shoulder Stretching after Shoulder dislocation

Mild stretching exercise can usually be started after few days in order to keep the shoulder from becoming too stiff and losing range of motion.

Shoulder flexion and abduction exercises

Shoulder flexion and abduction exercises can be done by sitting on a chair or standing in an upright position. Hold your affected arm by placing the arm of unaffected arm below the elbow of the affected arm. Hold the stretch for few seconds and then switch arms. Then gently move in forward direction and move the arms to and fro. Any exercise movement that has you rotating your arm generally is a good rotator cuff exercise.

Isometric shoulder flexion

Isometric shoulder flexion exercises can be started once the arm is out of the shoulder sling. To perform this exercise, stand in an upright position and face towards the wall. Press your hands against the wall, like you are trying to push it against the wall. Hold the position for 5 seconds and repeat the exercise.

Rotator cuff exercise

This is a strengthening exercise in which light resistance can be applied. In this, a light resistance band or a piece of surgical tube is used. Elastic cord resistance strengthens the external and internal rotator muscles of the shoulder. Shoulder stability is restored by strengthening these rotator cuff muscles.

Dumbbell exercises

Mild shoulder lifting exercise is done after a week or more. This is to stabilize the shoulder. Take a light dumbbell in both the hands and stand with weight at your sides. Extend the arms straight to the sides making a T with the body and the arms, and then lower the weight back to the sides slowly.

Heavy resistance exercises

In the advanced stage of recovery, progressive strengthening of the rotator cuff is done by applying heavy resistance. Self-resisted range of movement exercises for the shoulder is done in advanced stage.

Dislocated shoulder exercises are the key to a fast and effective rehabilitation. They help to strengthen ligaments and tendons and stabilize the affected joint. My shoulder program contains full details with clear pictures to make rehabilitating and strengthening your shoulder simple to do at home, you can order it by clicking the link below:

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Exercises For Shoulder Pain



Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain

Have You Started 2012 With Stiff Neck and Shoulder Pain?

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Exercises For Shoulder Pain


Left Shoulder Pain In Women

What Causes Left Shoulder Pain In Women?

Left Shoulder Pain in Women

Left Shoulder Pain in Women

Left shoulder pain in women is more common these days and one reason is because many jobs women do today are computer based.

You may need to sit at the computer for hours on end each day. Poor sitting postures can lead to shoulder pain, but there could be more serious causes of left shoulder pain so you need to see a doctor in case your shoulder pain is a symptom of something more serious.

Left Shoulder Pain Heart Attack Symptom

Left shoulder pain needs immediate attention because it is one of the symptoms of heart attack.

If the pain is cardiac in nature, the pain radiates to chest, arm, neck and jaw. If left shoulder pain is combined with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting and shortness of breath, you need immediate medical attention.

Left shoulder pain is not usually very serious in nature unless it is cardiac in nature but you do need to rule this out by getting proper medical attention. Left shoulder pain after a fall or accident should also be immediately seen by a doctor.

Other reasons for left shoulder pain in women

The other causes of shoulder pain in women are quite varied.  Shoulder pain can be due to arthritis, muscular cramps, damage to disc, gas problem or upper back pain radiating towards the shoulder.

Avoid lifting heavy objects till your pain is relieved. Apply ice packed in a cloth to your shoulder for five minutes.

You can repeat the same after 30 minutes, but don’t leave the ice on your shoulder for longer than 5 minutes. If you your shoulders immobile, it may lead to stiff or frozen shoulder. I have developed a complete shoulder pain relief program that you can get by clicking the link below.

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Women who work in office and are sure that their left shoulder pain is office related, can get relief by exercising regularly. There are some easy shoulder exercises that can be done at home. You don’t need to go to gym or get the help of a physical fitness trainer to do these exercises if you follow my program.

Shoulder Warm-up exercises

The first and foremost thing that you must remember is you should warm up your shoulders before doing the exercises. If you start exercising without warming up, your painful shoulder may be aggravated.

One of the first exercises that I show you is how to bend and swing your arms like a pendulum. It is important that you move your hands freely without any stiffness. It looks similar to an elephant moving its trunk and I call it the pendulum exercise.

pendulum exercise

Pendulum Exercise

Shoulder stretching exercises

Once you have done warm up exercises like the pendulum exercise you can proceed to do shoulder stretching exercises.

Stretching exercises are very helpful in relieving shoulder pain. Pull both your hands behind your back. Lock your palms together. Now stretch your hands as much as possible behind your back. Continue for ten counts and then relax for sometime.

Repeat the same rotating your left shoulder clockwise and anticlockwise will relieve you from the pain. You can also swing your left arm front and back in full swing slowly. This will loosen your shoulder joints.

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Exercising regularly will give you good relief from shoulder pain. Never repeat an exercise if you feel that it aggravates your pain. Stop the exercise immediately.

Kind Regards,
Tim Allardyce DO MCSP SRP

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What is the Best Exercise to Relieve Shoulder Pain?

Best Shoulder Exercise

shoulder exercise

Pendulum Exercise

Both online,and at my clinics I am frequently asked what is the best exercise to start relieving shoulder pain? The exercises that I recommend will depend on the individual patient, but in general the first exercise that I recommend is a passive exercise that puts very little pressure on the shoulder, but gets the shoulder moving and starts rehab.

The Pendulum Shoulder Exercise

The Pendulum Exercise is designed to improve the range of mobility in your stiff shoulder. For full details and a video showing you how to perform the exercise, please click the link below:

Shoulder Pain Relief Exercise

Halloween – Time to Treat Your Shoulder Pain

Time to Treat Your Shoulder Pain?

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When the “Trick or Treaters” call tonight do think about treating your shoulder.

Whether you like Halloween or not it’s very hard to ignore trick or treating.

Shoulder pain often comes and goes, and it can be easy to put off proper treatment.

Here are three exercises that you can do tonight that will help relieve your shoulder pain:
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Do you Need Rotator Cuff Surgery?

Before deciding to have Rotator Cuff Surgery make sure that you have considered other treatment options such as shoulder exercises and pain relief injections first.

Shoulder surgery is however sometimes required for rotator cuff tears, especially if accompanied with a decrease in strength of the affected shoulder joint. There are three types of surgical repair:

1. Open repair

2. Mini open repair

3. Arthroscopic repair

All of the above methods give fairly similar improvement in pain, functional level and patient satisfaction. The choice of the procedure really depends upon the proficiency of the surgeon, anatomy of the involved area and cosmetic considerations.

For more information and advice about shoulder pain treatment please enter your email address in the form on this page.

Shoulder Pain Warning!

If you have ever had the misfortune of having a shoulder injury then you understand the importance of the shoulder to everyday activity.

Using your shoulders without properly warming them up is a great way to tear muscle fibers, tendons or ligaments.

Taking just a few minutes to prepare the shoulder joint for activity by following the shoulder warm up tips and execises that I have provided in my previous posts will improve your chances of avoiding shoulder injury.

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Frozen Shoulder Exercises

If your shoulder pain is caused by “frozen shoulder”, or Adhesive Capsulitis, exercise should only started after several sessions of physical therapy.

Exercise used after therapy to treat “frozen shoulder” is vital to the continued mobility of your shoulder. You should always start by keeping the movement within your comfort zone, so as to not cause further pain.

Ideally you should exercise for a total of 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. This will help the shoulder to increase its mobility and strength.

If exercises are undertaken correctly, pain should subside within a few weeks, although this does depend on the cause of the pain.

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Arthritis Shoulder Exercise

If your shoulder pain is arthritic, there are a number of great exercises that can help increase the mobility of your shoulder.  Shoulder Exercises can help you regain almost full function to the shoulder, but always consult with a medical professional before attempting any exercise to the neck or shoulder.

Applying ice after exercising can help to prevent the muscles suffering from any further damage.

If the shoulder is badly arthritic, you may need to consider shoulder surgery such as arthroscopic decompression, or you may need to consider shoulder replacement surgery.

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