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How to Treat Deep Shoulder Pain

Deep shoulder pain, is typically the pain that resides below the surface and in the front or back of the shoulder area.

Deep shoulder pain can be caused by several things. For a younger people, deep shoulder pain can be caused by a sports related injury or overuse of muscle and tendons i.e. a rotator cuff injury or labral tear. This type of injury could lead to tendonitis, inflammation of the joint, or even a bone fracture.

For elderly persons, deep shoulder pain can originate from an awkward sleeping position and/or a form of arthritis to more severe causes such as coronary heart disease.

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How to Treat Deep Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain and Overhead Throwing

If you suffer shoulder pain, please be cautious throwing overhead. Throwing overhead can further increase shoulder impingement syndrome, the most common cause of shoulder pain. Of course if you throw gently you are likely to be fine, but throw a heavy object hard and you may well aggravate that pre-existing shoulder problem.

When you are in the position of throwing, the rotator cuff gets squeezed under the acromion (the bony tip of the shoulder). This is why it can be susceptible to injury.

If you want to throw hard, then train your muscles by strengthening the rotator cuff. There is also a lot of technique involved in throwing, so learn how to throw properly by talking to a sports or athletics coach.