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Burning Pain Shoulder


It may start with a minor aching but pain can increase to the point that your shoulder is on fire and you feel a burning irritation deep in the shoulder joint.

Burning pain usually indicated nerve compression or damage. In the shoulder this is usually caused by compression to one or more nerves from the neck.

Impingement Syndrome is a medical term describing what happens when the tendons and bursa in the shoulders become pinched between bones.

When the tendons and bursa are pinched, nerves are also compressed, and can leave you with a burning pain down the outside of the upper arm. Inflammation in this area can also cause irritation to the nerves; bursitis and tendonitis are two examples.


Treatment is aimed at reducing the inflammation that is the source of the pain. Treatment may include NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) to help reduce the inflammation and rest of the affected shoulder to prevent further injury or irritation to the area.

Physical therapy may be prescribed to help to strengthen the affected muscles and prevent frozen shoulder.

Burning in the shoulder may be a horrible sort of pain, but sometimes heating the shoulder can be a good thing to reduce inflammation. Ultrasound and diathermy are very useful in healing the affected areas.

Deep Heat Therapy

Diathermy is the application of deep tissue heat treatment. There are many benefits to using diathermy, including reduced pain, relief of muscle spasms, decreased soft tissue contractures, resolution of inflammation and increased healing.

The application of heat dilates the blood vessels in the area and increases blood flow. This increased blood flow helps to speed up the healing process.

The deep heat can be applied by one of two methods: electrical stimulation or ultrasound. The two methods are sometimes used simultaneously as well.

The application of deep heat is painless, the treated tissues relax and stretch and nerve fiber sensitivity is reduced which results in decreased stiffness and pain. Another added benefit is a decrease in the amount of medication you need.

A physical therapist trained in the application of deep heat will assess your injury and decided which method or the combination of both will work best for you.

You do not have to suffer with the burning pain in your shoulder. Deep heat therapy does not just treat the pain but it treats and helps to heal the cause of the pain.

Deep heat therapy may not keep you from re-injuring your shoulder, but it will get your shoulder back to proper working order much faster than medications or rest alone will.

Shoulder exercises will help strengthen your shoulder and help prevent the problem recurring.

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