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Bursitis Treatment

Shoulder Bursitis can be treated by applying ice on a regular basis.

With the ability to numb pain, decrease swelling, and reduce inflammation, ice is multi-purposed and should be applied up to five times daily.

Apply at the apex of shoulder pain and then directly before going to bed can also be a good time to ice.

Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Advil and Ibuprofen can also help to ease the inflammation of the tendons and bursa, but if they aren’t enough, a cortisone injection, or a steroid shot, placed directly into the bursa has brought many people quick satisfaction as they work their shoulder back into shape.

Once the initial soreness subsides, doctors will recommend physical therapy.

It is here that a patient determines the fate of their shoulder. If they are willing to work, following the guidance of their physical therapist and performing exercises to the full extent both in and out of class, they will see improvement.

On the other hand, if they do not participate in the stretching and strengthening exercises, their shoulder will continue to stiffen and in many cases will lead to a frozen shoulder or shoulder impingement.

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