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Shoulder Bursitis is a rapidly developing disease, with symptoms of aching, swelling, limited movement, and occasional discoloring of the injured area.

It is often caused by repetitive overhead movements that can cause compression of rotator cuff tendons and inflammation of the bursa that lies beneath the roof of the shoulder blade.

Bursitis may also be caused by a bone spur, a calcium deposit in the rotator cuff, or a torn, frayed, or irritated tendon.

If rotator cuff muscles weaken, they may fail to support the shoulder, making actions such as reaching overhead, swimming, throwing, and hair brushing awkward and tedious.

Sometimes bursitis develops alongside other diseases such as arthritis or gout.

The bursa can become inflamed due to injury, infection, or underlying health conditions, and in some cases it has been found to be hereditary.

It can be detected by an MRI scan, and if the doctors find a problem, there are multiple things which can be done to ease its pain.

First and foremost, is rest. Your body’s recovery time will greatly depend on how well you take care of yourself.

For some people bursitis is quickly resolved, swelling and pain dissipating in a couple of weeks due to recuperation.

But for others, bursitis can last for years, its throbbing pain, restless nights, and swelling making life increasingly difficult because they refuse to let their body heal.

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