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Dislocated Shoulder Exercises

Dislocated shoulder exercises are a vital part of your shoulder rehabilitaion following shoulder dislocation, but the first thing you need to do is see a doctor to get the shoulder relocated.

If you are unfortunate enough to dislocate your shoulder, its unlikely you will be able move your arm.

You need to have the shoulder relocated as soon as possible.

You should go to hospital where you may be given an anesthetic or strong pain medication before the shoulder is relocated.

Post shoulder relocation

Once the shoulder is relocated, you should for a few days afterwards let it rest, and use ice, heat and any medication prescribed by your doctor.

Always check with a medical professional before doing exercises after a dislocated shoulder.

There are exercises you can do to enhance the healing process and I have created a complete program that you get get by clicking the link below.

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Dislocated Shoulder Support

For a short period after dislocating your shoulder you may be advised to wear a support for your arm.

This will allow the shoulder to recover, and also acts as a visual warning to others that you have a shoulder injury.

Exercises for Dislocated Shoulder

One exercise involves standing with both hands shoulder width apart, holding a broomstick in front of you with both hands.

Use your good arm to push the injured one to the side, away from you, then back towards your body.

The injured arm stays relaxed, or passive, while the good arm does the moving.

Another exercise after a dislocated shoulder involves flexing and extending your arm.

You must sit in a chair or lie down. Use your good hand to grip the side of your injured hand. You need to slowly and gently bring both arms up toward your head.

If it feels comfortable, lift them over your head.

However, you must stop and rest immediately if it feels like your shoulder is about to pop out. Our bodies often warn us of dangers, trying to protect us.

The next exercise involves the broomstick again, but this time with rotation.

Keep your elbows to your side. Use your good hand to rotate your injured shoulder by moving the broom to the left. Then move it in front of you.

Again keep the injured arm relaxed.

It is also possible to do exercises using only gravity to help your dislocated shoulder. For a flexing exercise, lift the injured shoulder in front of your face, then above the head.

Another option is to move your arm behind you and extend it out.

Another exercise that could be useful for someone with a dislocated shoulder is to simply move your injured arm across the body in both directions.

Another would be to keep the arm with the dislocated shoulder by your side, and then turn your forearm in, ending with your wrist touching your stomach.

For a similar exercise, with your arm by your side, turn your arm outward, ending with your wrist pointing away from you. All these exercises should be done gently, and repeated just three times.

Isometric exercises

It is possible to use isometric exercises after a dislocated shoulder.

Stand and bend your elbow 90 degrees, or straight up and down by a door. Press the back of your hand against the door and hold it there for five seconds.

Do this ten times for the first exercise. Repeat this twice more.

Another isometric exercise for those with a dislocated shoulder involves doing almost the same exercise, except pressing the front of your hand against the door.

Place a pillow between your chest and arms, squeeze, and hold five seconds. Do three sets of ten of this exercise.

These are only a few of the many exercises which can be done after suffering a dislocated shoulder. For more information perform the exercises in my book, or seek help from a physical therapist or osteopath.

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