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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Home Treatment for Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is often caused by inflammation, which can sometimes be associated with other health conditions.

Home treatment for frozen shoulder must be consistent and address both interior and exterior tissues.

People with symptoms of heart or lung disease and hyperthyroidism have an increased susceptibility to frozen shoulder, so home treatment should avoid medications, especially those with contraindications for other medical problems.

Unless your frozen shoulder has been diagnosed as a result of a traumatic injury, most other causes are unknown. Frozen shoulder is thought to be a result of either repetitive motion stress or autoimmune issues.

For most effective home treatment, assess your own lifestyle and any possible contribution you may be making to your ailment. Home treatment for frozen shoulder may depend on how closely you can pinpoint the cause of your problem to be able to reverse it.

Pure Water and Dehydration

Dehydration can be a common cause of frozen shoulder and is safely treated. Busy lifestyles or nagging pain may point to not drinking enough water to lubricate the body and flush toxins.

Consistently drinking at least six 6oz. glasses of filtered water daily helps frozen shoulder. Add a tablespoon of raw Aloe Vera gel twice daily for pain relief.

Results may be noticed in less than a week. Water floods the areas of inflammation, and removes waste and toxins accumulated in injured cells and tissues.

Hot and Cold

A simple home treatment for frozen shoulder is alternating hot and cold to the skin. Bathe in hot water and immerse the painful shoulder.

After 30 seconds, sit up in the tub and apply an ice pack to the shoulder for 30 seconds. Repeat this procedure ten times. Use the same approach with hot shower applications and an ice pack.

Another home treatment is using a heat lamp or heat massager for 30 seconds, with an icepack, for ten cycles. Alternate hot and cold temperatures draw fresh blood to inflamed areas, then force it out of the tissues and draw it back again, recycling oxygen, quelling pain, and aiding in healing.

Epsom Salt Soaks

A hot bath soak with Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) has been very effective for pain. In a tub of hot water, immerse the shoulder and add two or three large 4 lb containers of Epsom Salt to the water.

Magnesium is absorbed into the tissues. Soak for an hour or more once a day when the pain is the worst.

Often the simplest treatments such as heat and drinking more water can address pain. Avoid repetitive stress to the area and consider what in your lifestyle may have caused it.

If you carry a heavy pocketbook or golf bag on that painful left shoulder, shift it to the right shoulder. After healing, be sure to alternate shoulders.

If you play golf right handed, don’t give up the sport you love, begin to play left handed and alternate sides.

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