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Neck and Shoulder Exercise

It is important to stress you should always consult with a medical professional before attempting any exercise to the neck or shoulder to relieve pain.

Check with your physician as to whether an X-ray or MRI should be taken to locate the source of the pain.

It is essential to find out what is causing the pain and whether you are setting yourself realistic expectations of post-exercise mobility.

Shoulder problems and neck pain

Many shoulder problems lead to neck pain. When the shoulder becomes restricted in its mobility, its very common for pain to radiate into the upper trapezius (the webbing between the neck and shoulder).

It usually causes a deep ache, and feels like it needs to be massaged. Its important to stretch this muscle, so side-bending the neck so the ear moves towards the shoulder is enough to put a stretch on the trapezius.

Hold for 30 seconds, and perform three times per day.

Arthritis shoulder pain

If the pain in the shoulder is arthritic, there are a number of great exercises that can help with the overall mobility of the shoulder and you can still regain almost full function to the shoulder.

Obviously if the shoulder is badly arthritic, you may need to consider shoulder surgery such as arthroscopic decompression, or a shoulder replacement.

Frozen shoulder

If the pain is due to Adhesive Capsulitis, more commonly known as "frozen shoulder", exercise should only commence after sessions of physical therapy.

The exercise used after therapy to treat "frozen shoulder" is paramount to the continued mobility of the shoulder.

You should always start by keeping the movement within your comfort zone, so as to not cause further pain.

Once the programme is underway, you should try to exercise for a total of 30 minutes a day, 3 times a week. This will encourage the shoulder to increase its mobility and strength.


The object of exercising the shoulder is because even small injuries can develop into a frozen shoulder, sometimes known as secondary stiffness.

Basically, after any sort of trauma the shoulder will tend to stiffen up and that’s when it is particularly vulnerable to freezing.

The exercises should include both shoulders, so that the working elements of the painful shoulder becomes as strong as the pain-free one.

But should you be experiencing pain in BOTH shoulders, the exercise regime should be undertaken every other day and always in the presence of a professional trainer or a licensed therapist.

Never attempt to lift items that may cause pain. If you find any of the exercises painful, then the plan must be re-evaluated.

If exercises are undertaken correctly, the pain will subside within a few weeks, although this does depend on the cause of the pain.

If the pain is from a surgical procedure, the instructions from the surgeon must be adhered to. Always apply ice after exercise to prevent the muscles from any further damage.

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