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Neck and Shoulder Pain

Many people are afflicted with neck and shoulder pain with affects the quality of their life.

There are many factors that can contribute to neck and shoulder pain but one of the biggest contributing factors is poor alignment.

People can throw their neck out of alignment by placing too much stress on the neck.

The neck muscles are very strong, since they have been holding up an eight pound ball (your skull) on the top of your body for as long as you have been crawling.

So those muscles take a lot of stress over the course of a day, not to mention a lifetime! It takes something huge to knock those muscles out of alignment.

It could be something as powerful as whiplash, or something as simple as sleeping the wrong way on a pillow. Neck and shoulder pain can even occur from watching the television at the wrong angle!

Stress is also a major contributor to neck and shoulder pain. Has anyone ever grabbed your neck muscle and told you that you needed to relax, you're too tense? That's stress causing tension in your neck and shoulder muscles.

Some people resort to a chiropractic doctor or osteopath to readjust the alignment in their neck. Some people use massage therapy to ease those tight muscles.

There are even powerful anti-inflammatory medications to help reduce the pain. Pain killers treat the symptoms but not the cause of the pain.

Tips to help you combat the pain:

First, try some simple relaxation techniques to ease the stress from your life. Easing stress can eliminate neck and shoulder pain.

Also, always try to adopt a good posture. The old adage, stand up straight, works very well at preventing muscle pain.

Hold your head up, stand with shoulders back, and don't slouch.

Slouching contributes to neck and shoulder pain, and by eliminating slouching, you can remove the source of pain.

Changing your pillow can help with shoulder and neck pain as well.

Overstuffed pillows can be a cause, so go to a firmer pillow type. The market has even introduced neck conforming pillows such as memory foam pillows to help combat neck pain.

If your job is to sit at a computer all day, get up and move around every hour.

Stretch your neck and shoulder muscles by bending your head to all four points of the compass. Left. Right. Front. Back. Hold the stretch for around 30 seconds.

If you speak on a phone a lot, hold the phone in your hand instead of cradling it on your shoulder, or better still use a hands-free kit.

Finally, drink more water. Lactic acid builds up in stressed muscles even if you don't feel the strain. A little misalignment can lead to a big pain the next day.

Water will help flush the build-up of lactic acid out of your system. So stay fully hydrated to combat neck and shoulder pain.

The little changes you make in posture and habit can lead to big changes in eliminating neck and shoulder pain.

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