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Shoulder Pain Exercise

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Shoulder Pain Treatment

Osteopathic Treatment

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a completely natural system of medical manipulation and adjustment that helps to ease pain, correct posture and improve the functioning of the joints.

It does not involve the taking of any drugs. This practice was founded in the late 1800s by Dr Andrew Taylor Still and has since gained immense popularity.

How Osteopaths Work

Osteopaths are holistic practitioners.

This means that they don’t just focus on the one part that you think is going wrong, the way a medical doctor would, but instead they treat the whole system including shoulder pain, backs, necks, legs and any other part of the body together.

What Will Happen When I Go to an Osteopath?

If you visit an osteopath for shoulder pain then you will first be required to give the osteopath more details about your medical history in the same way as you would do if you were visiting a medical doctor.

The osteopath may also look at the way in which you are moving your body to determine what is happening and where there may be problems.

The treatment program offered by an osteopath may include elements such as soft tissue stretching, articulation, and the use of muscle energy. In addition the osteopath may also recommend stretching

exercises and give advice about posture, movement techniques, etc.

How Will my Osteopath Treat Shoulder Pain?

The first thing to realise is that treatment for your shoulder pain at an Osteopath may also involve treating other parts of your body that are contributing to your shoulder pain such as your back or neck.

Your osteopath may then gently manipulate your shoulder (and other areas) both to test it and to help alleviate the pain and increase mobility.

He may mobilise your shoulder and take it through different movements and stretch the muscles, ligaments and joints.

If you are suffering from shoulder pain then I recommend seeing your local osteopath who will be able to treat you and give you advice about how to improve your condition.

I work as an osteopath in London and see over 80 patients per week and can tell you that this is an amazing system for naturally assisting you to overcome shoulder pain.

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