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Pilates Shoulder Exercise

A Pilates shoulder exercise may be just what you are looking for to cure your shoulder pain!

Pilates has been in the main stream fitness realm for several years.

It has actually been around since the 1920s and was developed by physical therapist Joseph Pilates for the purpose of rehabilitation.

Pilates movements and principles

For the most part, Pilates today involves the same movements and principles that Joseph Pilates developed.

Pilates focuses on improving flexibility, strength and spinal alignment without adding bulky muscles. It is not considered aerobic exercise, it is more resistance training.

Pilates has many benefits including elongating and strengthening muscles and improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility.

Another benefit is the strengthening of the core muscles which include the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle. Pilates strengthens all muscles eliminating muscle imbalance which can lead to injury.

Pilates muscle balance and strengthening

It is the benefit of creating muscle balance and strengthening all muscles, that makes

Pilates a great choice for working the shoulder muscles. Many people have problems with their shoulders because of poor posture, excess strain and overuse.

Pilates will help to correct your posture problems which will help to relieve the strain your neck and shoulder muscles endure every day.

Pilates will also help to strengthen all the muscles of the rotator cuff which help to keep the shoulder stable and improve shoulder mobility.

Pilates improve the shoulders

Pilates in general helps to improve the shoulders as you are encouraged to keep your shoulders down instead of rolled forward.

This releases the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles and helps to straighten the spine and open the rib cage for better exchange of air.

Pilate’s exercise

A great Pilate’s exercise to strengthen and align the shoulder is a vertical arm stretch and dropping movement.

1. Lying in the neutral position with your arms at your sides, visualize your body elongating.

Breathe into the diaphragm and as you breathe out lift your arms vertically with the palms facing each other.

Stretch your arms up as if you were being pulled by your fingertips, but keep the elbows softened.

2. Take another deep in-breath and stretch one arm further to lift the shoulder blade up off the floor.

3. On the out-breath, allow the shoulder blade to drop back to the floor, keeping the arms raised. Be aware of how your shoulder position has changed. Alternating sides, perform a total of five reps each side.

4. Return to the neutral position. Breathe in and engage your core muscles. On the out-breath, lift one arm overhead, keeping it extended but the elbow soft.

5. Take the arm only as far as you can without arching your upper back—for beginners this is usually to the level of your ears. Keep your ribs and shoulder blades relaxed down toward your waist.

Bring the arm back on an in-breath. Note: If your arm can't comfortably touch the floor, place a cushion behind your head to support it at the end of the movement, then allow it to relax into the floor for a few breaths.

Alternating sides, complete a total of five reps on each side.

Pilates is a great way to strengthen all the muscles of your shoulders to increase joint mobility and stability and decrease muscle strain and tension.

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