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Rotator Cuff Symptoms

Symptoms of
rotator cuff disorder include pain and weakness in the shoulder. A patient will ache on the front of their upper arm and shoulder, with throbbing prominent on one side of their arm.

For many, it is impossible to do daily activities like making a bed, taking items from the kitchen cabinet, or combing their hair. If you are curious about this, ask your doctor.

The first thing he will recommend is a physical exam. Then, he will be able to see the flexibility of your rotator cuff and create a plan honed to your abilities.

For example, if you go in for a visit, and your arm is immobile until rotated by the nurse, you are working towards a frozen shoulder, where all motion in the shoulder is lost.

Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment

A variety of treatment are available for rotator cuff tears. See Rotator Cuff Tear Treatment for further details

Rotator Cuff Surgery

Surgery may be needed if non-invasive treatments fail. For more information see Rotator Cuff Surgery

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