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Shoulder Acromion

The shoulder acromion is quite literally the “tip of the shoulder”. If you look at the shoulder between the arm and the neck, you will see a small lump or protrusion. This is the acromion, and it's basically part of the shoulder blade.

The word "acromion" comes from the Greek "akron" (peak) and "omos" (shoulder). Hence the peak of the shoulder.

The acromion forms a joint with the collar bone (clavicle) to form the Acromioclavicular (AC) joint.

Types of acromion

Type I – a normal acromion, flat and smooth.
Type II – hooked acromion. The hook is like a small protrusion bending downwards into the subacromial space (under the acromion).
Type III – hooked acromion and bone spur, this time protruding more significantly into the subacromial space.

Debate continues as to whether the differing shapes of the acromion are congenital or acquired. This has been investigated by neonatal cadaver study, adult cadaver study, X-ray study, MRI study, and various other means. Some camps believe that some people are just born with it. Other camps believe that it is acquired by traction forces applied via the coraco-acromial ligament.

It doesn’t matter so much to me how you got it, what matters is that if you have it, you should be doing
shoulder exercises, as many studies have shown that poor posture makes the presence of a hooked acromion even more likely to cause impingement. However good posture orientates the acromion away from the subacromial space hence less likely to cause shoulder impingement.

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