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Sample Shoulder Pain Exercises

Below is a screen shot of a sample page from the report that you will receive showing a Level 1 Exercise in Passive Mobilisation.

Passive Mobilisation

Level 1 is designed to improve the range of mobility in your stiff shoulder.

Perhaps you want to read that again!

Yes, these exercises will finally allow you to move your arm in a comfortable range of mobility. Great for any stiff shoulder.

The exercises start assisted, so the muscles of the painful shoulder can remain relaxed while the shoulder is mobilised.

We call these passive range of mobility exercises. Alternatively at this point, if you have a good osteopath or physiotherapist, they can assist by lifting your arm for you.

When you do these exercises, move the joint slowly, and gently.

Avoid the ranges of movement that give you sharp pain, although feeling minor discomfort should be expected in certain ranges.

Take the shoulder to the point of mobility which feels comfortable, and then take it just a fraction further to increase the range of motion.

At this point, return the arm to its resting position.

You will find that every couple of days you will notice some improvement in the range of mobility of that shoulder and arm.

You can compare the movement to that of the good shoulder to give you an indication of how far you have to go with the mobility.

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This following is an example of a Level 2 Exercise from my book............

Sample exercise_shoulder mobilisation

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