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Shoulder Pain and Cycling

Cycling puts a large amount of stress on the shoulder. 

Cycling’s constant motion, gripping of the handlebars, and hunched shoulders causes problems in the upper back and shoulders for numerous men and women. 

One of the most common cycling shoulder injuries that I see in my clinic is Acromioclavicular joint separation, or AC joint separation

Here, the clavicle separates from the shoulder blade by dislocating from the acromion. 

Shoulder Pinning

Shoulder pinning is one of my favorite ways to stabilize the shoulder fractures of cyclists. 

Safe, reliable, and relatively painless, pinning can be used on fractures of various forms.  The first thing the doctor will do to determine your qualifications for pinning is a shoulder X-ray.  This will show the fracture of the bone to see whether or not pins can be placed. 

Pinning relies wholeheartedly on the participation and agreeability of the patient.  If they refuse to follow the guidelines outlined by the process, their shoulder will not heal.

As the shoulder X-ray set up, the doctor will ask questions to determine if the patient could endure and complete the process successfully. 

Shoulder pinning requires shoulder immobilization for 3-4 weeks.  During that period, patients must report changes in pin position, skin infection, or discoloration noticed. 

On average, this process requires less soft tissue invasion and operating room time, but you must have good bone quality. 

Inserting pins would only further damage poor bone structure.  Although age makes no difference in surgical preference, pinning occurs more often in younger patients.

The first thing I tell my patients to do after shoulder surgery is rest.  Rest plays a vital role in their recovery, but it is frequently overlooked in the fast paced world of today.  Take a load off. 

Sleep can take months off your recovery time, so late nights, overtime, and even cycling needs to be put on hold.  Start physical therapy and regain muscle strength, toning and rebuilding muscle through simple shoulder exercises like the pendulum exercise.

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