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Shoulder Pain and Football

Shoulder dislocations have become a prominent threat in football. Football is one of America’s favorite sports.

With hot dogs, jerseys, and roaring crowds, football is beloved at all ages, but it can be very dangerous.

Football's violence and brutality has brought numerous people to my clinic due to dislocation of the glenohumeral joint.

These injuries occur when the head of the humerus is forced out of the socket, usually by a tackle or loose capsular ligaments.

Glenohumeral joint dislocations is a common football related shoulder injury.

Dislocation of the shoulder occurs when the ball of the humerus is ripped out of its socket in the shoulder.

This often results from sports such as football and baseball, heavy lifting, or in conjunction with other injuries to the shoulder.

Dislocations frequently happen when the arm is away from the body in a twisted position and is struck by contact.

The outward rotation of the shoulder will force the head of the humerus to roll outside of the socket in rough actions such as tackling, skiing, pitching, and discuss throwing.

In most cases, dislocation is incredibly painful. Throbbing and swelling arrives immediately, and if you fall in a particular manner the bones of your injured shoulder will protrude at odd angles.

When trying to help a patient, one of the first things I try to distinguish is where they were.

Different positions of the arm tear different ligaments in the shoulder. So, a person reaching high on the shelf is not likely to tear the same ligament as a man twisting a screwdriver.

The main thing injured is the rotator cuff, because it is involved in the shoulder’s constant rotation, often fraying with age.

If a football injury has caused Glenohumeral joint dislocation, shoulder surgery is often required.

In most shoulder dislocation cases Arthroscopic shoulder surgery is performed, usually as an outpatient procedure.

When you wake up from the surgery, you will be given a shot of Novocain to ease the pain as the anesthesia wears off.

I highly recommend ice and anti-inflammatory medications to quicken your healing process.

Use ice at least two times a day, once at the highlight of your pain and directly before bedtime. That way, you know you will get a good night’s sleep.

Medication like Advil or Motrin is also extremely useful when experiencing swelling, aching, or overall pain. Just make sure to use them in moderation.

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