Shoulder Pain Relief Kickstart

3 Quick and Easy Exercises to Kickstart Your Shoulder Pain Relief Simply Watch and Follow Along and.....

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#1 - Shoulder Pendulum Exercise


READ below NOW - follow these exercises to Start Relieving Your Pain

This is a really fantastic exercise to start to get your shoulder mobile and pain free.

This exercise is one of the most important exercises for improving the mobility of the shoulder joint. The Pendulum Exercise is designed to improve the range of mobility in your stiff shoulder.

Follow these instructions carefully....

1) Keep the shoulder completely relaxed

2) Let momentum and gravity move it in circles

3) Go anti-clockwise and clockwise

4) Keep the circles within your comfort zone

Perform for 2 minutes, 3 times a day

#2 - Rock The Baby



This exercise is a great especially if you suffer from sharp shoulder pain. The Rock the Baby Exercise is designed to improve the mobility of your sore shoulder without causing further pain.

Follow these instructions carefully....

1) Keep the sore arm relaxed

2) The good arm holds the sore arm

3) Keep the movements within your comfort zone

4) Rock 15 times each side, 3 times per day

#3 - Bra Strap Exercise

This exercise is a great exercise if you have trouble lifting your hand behind your back. The Bra-Strap Exercise is designed to improve the mobility of your sore shoulder without causing further pain.

Follow these instructions carefully....

1) Reach behind your back, and take the hand
    as high up the back as comfortable, then
    just a fraction further.

2) You should feel a gentle pulling feeling
    at the front of the shoulder. Hold this
    position for a couple of seconds.

3) At first you may find this exercise difficult
    and uncomfortable, but persevere, and over a
    few days you will achieve greater mobility.

4) Do 10 sets of repetitions, 3 times per day


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