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Shoulder Rehab

The science of shoulder rehab consists of many varied but helpful elements.

Your goal is to basically regain the range of motion that you lost after suffering your injury.

Resistance Exercises

One very effective way to accomplish this is by resistance exercises. You will use elastic bands, weights, or even just the weight of the injured arm.

And lets make one thing clear. You don’t have to go out and buy an expensive gym membership in order to do these basic exercises. Resistance is resistance.

This means that you can use soup cans for weights if you don’t happen to have a 1 or 2 pound weight lying around the house.

But no matter what kind of weight you end up using for resistance rehab exercises, one thing is for sure. You need to exercise with low resistance but high repetitions.

Objective of Resistance Exercises

The objective here is to retrain the muscle by making it repeat low resistance contractions.

When you injure your joints or muscles, they end up having limited movement. They need to re-learn how to move properly.

This is accomplished by contracting them repeatedly with low resistance exercises.

Individual people heal faster or slower than others. Constantly increasing your resistance program, at whatever pace you can handle, will ultimately allow for the shoulder to gain strength.

Next, I will describe to you some very effective resistance exercises. You should do 2 to 3 sets of 15 reps for each of these exercises.

Be aware that you should allow about 30 seconds to 1 minute as a resting time between sets. If you experience pain or have any difficulty at all, stop immediately.

When you are finished, stretch out the exercised areas and then ice for 20 minutes.

Front Raise

The first exercise you can do is called a front raise. You can use a weight or elastic band (such as a Theraband or Dynaband) for this exercise.

Stand up straight. Put your weight or band in the hand of the injured shoulder.

Start with your hands flat against your legs.

Raise up the injured arm in a straight line until it looks like you are about to punch someone.

Lateral Raises

The second exercise is called lateral raises.

Again, stand up straight, use weights or an elastic band. Put weight in hand of injured arm.

Raise the arm up and out to the side, like you were hitch hiking.

Diagonal Raise

The third exercise is the diagonal raise.

This is accomplished by repeating the last exercise, except when you raise your arm up, your hand should be upside down holding the weight or band.

Horizontal Fly

The final exercise we will cover is called a horizontal fly. Use a band or weights. Put them in the hand of injured arm.

This time, start with that injured arm and extended fully outwards.

Grip the band or weight and pull them towards your body and in front of your chest.

These resistance exercises are just a handful of very effective methods of shoulder rehabilitation.

I hope you have learned something from these tutorials and wish you well in your recovery.

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